Brazil Serie A COVID-19 Status & Return Date

Brazil Serie A COVID-19 Status & Return Date

We all knew that the return to normal life after the pandemic was not going to be easy, and that is proving to be very much the case in places that are trying to take the first steps back. In many countries, it is professional sports that are leading the way, setting themselves up as essential businesses for the most part. While many of the major European leagues have already announced return dates, other have cancelled or are in the middle of a battle to try and settle what a return will look like. The Brazilian Serie A is one league that is in the combative stages at the moment, which is leaving a lot of uncertainty in the country. Let’s take a closer look at what their plans are to resume the league so you can begin to plan head and place your bets against their Brazil Serie A odds.

Brazil Serie A COVID-19 Status & Return Date

Brazil Serie A Pandemic Timeline

 Unlike the European leagues, the Brazil Serie A was not interrupted in the middle of the season, as they do not begin play until May. That said, football in Brazil was not totally unaffected, as the State Championship games, and the Brazilian Cup had already commenced when the Brazilian Soccer federation (CBF) decided to shut things down. That decision has had a big financial impact on the smaller clubs who rely heavily on those early games for their revenues.

What we are seeing now in Brazil is a number of different battles going on, with no clear idea as to when play will resume across the country. Part of the problem is that while President Bolsonaro is trying to play down the severity of the pandemic, leaders in individual states across the nation are not at all in agreement. While some would love to see football, which is the national passion, return, others would sooner adopt a wait and see attitude.

Brazil Serie A Format for the Remainder of the Season

 The best way to describe the current football situation in Brazil would be pandemonium. While players and clubs are engaging in battles over pay, other teams are basically carrying on as normal. Flamengo, the current champions and one of the biggest teams in the country, returned to full training on May 20 without first receiving permission to do so. Other teams have since followed suit, basically forcing the hands of politicians in charge of making the final decision for a return.

One of the bigger issues at the moment is money. Many teams in Brazil were in dire financial straits before the arrival of the pandemic, and with things currently on an indefinite hold, that situation is only going to get worse. It would not be a surprise to see some teams fold if a decision about a return to play is not made soon. It would be surprising if the Serie A did not start up again in June, especially with many of the European Leagues planning on doing that already.

This is one league that is not going to be started without some serious decisions being made first. Not all players are on board with returning, while others are not happy about being asked to take a pay cut. Only time will tell how this one plays out.