2018 Mexican Grand Prix Odds

2018 Mexican Grand Prix Odds

Written by on October 26, 2018

The 2018 Mexican Grand Prix takes place on Sunday, Oct. 28 in Mexico City. Race favorite Sebastian Vettel offers above even Formula 1 odds while Lewis Hamilton’s a solid second choice at +200. Max Verstappen’s the clear third choice at +350.

Will Vettel or Hamilton win the Mexican Grand Prix? Do Verstappen’s odds signify his true chances and is there a driver in the field that can take the trophy? Check out Mexican Grand Prix odds, analysis, and free picks!

2018 Mexican Grand Prix Odds

  • Sebastian Vettel +150
  • Lewis Hamilton +200
  • Max Verstappen +350
  • Kimi Raikkonen +900
  • Daniel Ricciardo +1000
  • Valtteri Bottas +1400
  • Field +7500

Who has the Best Shot at Mexican Grand Prix Glory? Vettel or Hamilton?

Crazy because supposedly Vettel had the Formula 1 Championship wrapped up, but the driving favorite hasn’t won since the Belgian Grand Prix on August 26. Since that race, Lewis Hamilton’s won 4 of 5.

Vettel finished in front of Hamilton in Mexico last year, though. Sebastian finished 4th while Hamilton finished 9th. It’s hard to see Vettel winning the race just because Hamilton’s had his number while the best he could do in Austin last week was a 4th place finish.

If you’re going chalky, Hamilton’s the play.

Is Verstappen an Underlay or Overlay at +350?

Max Verstappen took the Mexican Grand Prix trophy home by beating Valterri Bottas by 19 seconds. He beat Kimi Raikkonen by over 54 seconds. Verstappen’s shown that his crew and car are in top shape. A couple of races ago in Japan he finished third behind Hamilton and Bottas. Then, last week in Austin he finished second behind Raikkonen.

Because Verstappen heads to Mexico this weekend where he won last year and because he’s been hot in the past couple, the +350 are overlay odds. Verstappen shouldn’t offer odds any higher than +300. That makes Max the best of the 3 favored drivers to back.

What are Raikkonen’s, Ricciardo’s, and Bottas’ Real Chances of Winning?

Bottas’ true odds are probably closer to +1000 while Ricciardo’s true odds are closer to +1400. Swapping those two makes sense. Bottas finished to Raikkonen in Austin. He finished second to Hamilton at the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix.

It’s hard to knock Raikkonen’s odds. He did win in Austin and he’s in third place behind Hamilton and Vettel on the F1 Championship Standings. Raikkonen could make a huge move if he manages to make it back-to-back victories. He raced well in Mexico City last year.

Raikkonen’s got a big shot. Definitely a better shot than +900.

Can any Driver in the Field take the Mexican Grand Prix Checkered Flag?

Mexican Sergio Perez finished 7th at last year’s Mexican Grand Prix. Perez finished 8th in Austin last week, proving he’s driving well. Both he and fellow Force-India Mercedes driver Esteban Ocon could surprise.

If you want to take a shot on the field, make your bet, cross your fingers, and hope either Ocon or Perez get it done. It hard to find any other field driver that can.
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