2022 Formula 1 Championship Odds: Top 3 Betting Favorites to Win it All

2022 Formula 1 Championship Odds: Top 3 Betting Favorites to Win it All

We are coming off one of the best seasons in recent memory in Formula 1, but also one of the most controversial. All season long, we watched a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, with each of them taking a turn at the top of the driver standings. In the end, it was Verstappen who took the world championship, but there are a lot of fans and drivers who believe that his win was flawed given how things played out in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. It looked as though Hamilton was going to cruise to a record-setting 8th title, but after some drama in the final few laps and some odd decisions made by race officials, it was Verstappen who took the checkered flag in controversial fashion. You have to wonder now if he can repeat or if Hamilton, or some other driver, can push him to the limit. Let’s take a look at the 3 drivers most likely to win it all this season so you can keep planning your bets against the Formula 1 Championship Odds.

F1 2022 Championship: Top 3 drivers and Why They Are Going to Win

Max Verstappen

The scary thing about Verstappen and his performance last season is that he is still just 24 years of age. He has the potential to be a dominant force in the sport for many years to come, especially when Lewis Hamilton decides to walk away from Formula 1. His performance is going to be a hard act to follow, though, as he had 10 wins over the course of a ridiculously good year. It is perhaps a little unfair that his world championship win is seen as flawed, as he was the best driver in F1 in the 2021 season. He is the man to beat coming into the new season, and while we expect another huge challenge from Hamilton, there are still some concerns that the former champ may not be taking part, which we will get to in a moment. For now, Verstappen has to be considered the favorite, as you feel that he is just at the start of a great career.

Lewis Hamilton

You can look at Hamilton’s season in 2021 and see it as a bit of a disappointment. It does feel a little ridiculous to say that given that Hamilton still managed to pick up 8 wins, which could easily have been 9 if not for the drama in Abu Dhabi. It is the outcome and the aftermath of that race that has Hamilton still undecided about his future in the sport. While the loss is sure to sting, especially since it cost him the overall championship record, it’s hard to imagine Hamilton not coming back and looking for revenge. He has been known for his tenacity and desire to win throughout his whole career, so look for him to return. He closed out last season strong, so that might just carry over if he does return in 2022.

Valtteri Bottas

The best years for Bottas in F1 came in his time with Mercedes, when he was a teammate to Lewis Hamilton. He had a couple of 2nd place finishes overall, but it always felt as though he was racing to allow Hamilton to win and take all the acclaim. It will be interesting to see how things go now that he is the lead driver for Alfa Romeo this coming season. Will he be able to turn that into a winning season where he can challenge for the top spot? Only time will tell.


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