Lewis Hamilton’s Future in the Sport - Formula 1 Betting

Lewis Hamilton’s Future in the Sport – Formula 1 Betting

Written by on January 21, 2021

2020 saw the F1 season slightly shortened due to the COVID pandemic, but even if they had raced the entire planned schedule, no driver would have come close to touching Lewis Hamilton at the top of the driver standings. Hamilton was in unbelievable form all season long and his 7th world championship was never seriously in doubt. His victory tied him with Michael Schumacher for the most championships ever and you wouldn’t bet against him taking sole possession of the record this coming season, assuming he actually races. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what lies ahead for Hamilton’s future so you can get all set and make your bets against his Formula 1 odds.

Lewis Hamilton and his Future In Formula 1

That last line may be more than a little surprising to those of you who haven’t been closely following the Lewis Hamilton saga over the last couple of months. We were all aware that his contract with Mercedes was coming to an end once last season came to a close, but most of us assumed that a new contract would be done rather quickly. Hamilton has stated in the past that he wants to stay with Mercedes, and they almost certainly want him to remain in the fold, but this is proving to be a contract that is perhaps a little trickier than expected.

At one point last November, Hamilton stated that he might not even be racing in 2021, which was something that many people believed was a sign that he was about to retire. Hamilton has since come out and said that retirement is not on the table, but we could be looking at a driver ready to take a year off from the sport as he looks to recharge his batteries and perhaps look at options with other teams. This is not a man that I see retiring or walking away from F1 when he is so close to becoming the winningest driver of all time.

Hamilton is now 36 years of age and reaching a point where F1 drivers really start to think about retiring and making sure that they walk away from a dangerous sport in one piece. Taking a year off might prove to be a risky move at his age, but it may be enough to make him come back rested and better than ever before. If that does happen, will he return to Mercedes? That is perhaps the bigger question here. Hamilton did have talks with Ferrari at one point, but their team is now in place for the 2021 season, so the chances of him landing anywhere else prior to the start of the new season seems slim.

For their part, Mercedes seems to be confident that a deal will be made before the new season begins, but they are also well aware that Hamilton is one of those unique individuals who transcends the sport at which they excel. They are going to need to come up with a big old barrel of money to make their start happy. Whether that happens this season or next remains to be seen, but with the chance to win an unprecedented 8th title, I think the deal gets done and Hamilton drives this year.

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