2018 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs Betting Preview

2018 Big3 Basketball Playoffs Betting Preview

Written by on August 13, 2018

The 2018 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs start this Friday, August 17 at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. American Airlines Arena in Dallas is home of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. The 4 Big 3 hoops squads that made the playoffs are: Power, 3 Headed Monsters, 3’s Company, and Tri-State.

Check out these Big 3 Basketball betting previews for each squad along with predictions on what happens in this Friday’s two semifinal matchups:  Power vs Tri-State and 3 Headed Monsters vs 3’s Company.

2018 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs Betting Preview

1 – Power

Led by former Duke Blue Devils star Corey Maggette, and coached by hall of fame hoopster Nancy Lieberman, Power dominated the Big 3 Basketball Regular Season. The 7-1 record is stunning. But, the point differential, +72.8, is what’s really impressive.

2 – 3 Headed Monsters

Second seed 3 Headed Monsters is also 7-1. 3 Headed Monsters would have secured the top seed if Power hadn’t been so dominant this season. 3HM’s point differential, +33.6, is much lower than Power’s. That’s why they’re the second seed while Power is the top seed.

3 – 3’s Company

Baron Davis has proven to be one of the top Big 3 Basketball players this year. He’s one of the main reasons 3’s Company is confident heading into the playoffs. Although seeded 3 in the Big 3 Playoffs, 3’s Company enters the post-season with a +57.6 regular season. That ranked second to Power.

4 – Tri-State

Tri-State’s 5-3 record during the regular season tied 3’s Company. Another team with a star point-guard in Nate Robinson, Tri-State’s point differential of +20.8 was the lowest of the 4 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs qualifying teams.

Friday, August 17

Is Tri State a safe bet to win the 2018 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs?

1 Power vs 4 Tri-State

Although Power was the most dominant team in the Big 3 Basketball Regular Season, don’t believe for a second that Tri-State can’t upset Power in the first semifinal matchup on Friday. Tri-State beat Power at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA in Week 3.

What was impressive about the victory is that Tri-State was down by 4 points, 21 to 25, after the first half. Tri-State rallied to outscore Power 29 to 21 in the second half. Power went undefeated after the loss, but, still, Tri-State provided a fantastic blueprint on how to beat Lieberman’s strong squad.

They could if Jermaine O’Neal gets into the game. He didn’t in Week 8, a loss to Trilogy. He should on Friday, though.

Tri-State upsets Power on August 17.

2018 Big3 Basketball Playoffs Pick: Tri-State

2 3 Headed Monsters vs 3 3’s Company

3 Headed Monsters only beat 3’s Company 50 to 47 in their head-to-head matchup. The game took place in Week 5. 3 Headed Monsters used 24 points, 5 boards, and 2 assists from Jamario Moon to beat 3’s Company.

Baron Davis didn’t even score for 3’s Company. There’s a good chance that if Davis gets involved, which he should, and if 3’s Company comes up with a way to contain Moon, which they should, the lower seed wins this battle.

3’s Company should do it.

2018 Big 3 Basketball Playoffs Pick: 3’s Company