Formula 1 Dutch GP Betting Odds & Predictions

Formula 1 Dutch GP Betting Odds & Predictions

Written by on September 3, 2021

This has been an exciting season so far in Formula 1, but last weekend in Belgium, things turned a little more to the controversial side. Race day saw Mother Nature open up the skies and dump an enormous amount of rain on the track, so much so that visibility issues became a real concern. Drivers were not happy at being asked to race, but they were also displeased with how things ended, which was essentially trailing a pace car for a couple of laps before the race was postponed and drivers awarded fractional points based on their positions at that time. The upshot of it all was that Max Verstappen got the win and managed to shave 5 points off the lead at the top of the driver standings, where Lewis Hamilton now has a slim 3-point advantage. We can only hope that we get a full race in the Netherlands this weekend at the Dutch Grand Pix. Let’s look at the favorites for this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix so you can get ready to make your Formula 1 Betting odds.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix Race

Lewis Hamilton +190

Hamilton was one of the more vocal drivers about how things went last weekend in Belgium. He, though, was more concerned about the treatment of the fans in attendance than the actual outcome, and earlier in the week promised a “special gift” to fans who could prove they were in attendance at the Spa. This will be another challenge for the champion, as well as for all the drivers taking part, as this will be the first running of the Dutch Grand Prix since 1985. A lack of familiarity with the track could prove to be an issue for some, so we might well expect a surprise or two here. No matter what, you would certainly expect Hamilton to be among the leaders.

Max Verstappen -140

While he will certainly have been pleased to get the win and the points that come with it, Max Verstappen will likely also be the first to admit that he is not happy with the way the outcome came about in Belgium. Like every other driver involved, he has to put last weekend in the rearview and instead focus on Holland and getting back on top of the driver standings. Verstappen already has 6 wins this season, but he will be well aware that he will need to keep his foot on the gas if he is to get ahead of Hamilton and win it all this year.

The Rest of the Pack 

Even the most ardent F1 fan will admit that we are looking at a 2-horse race most weeks, but there are still some other drivers who could upset the apple cart. Valtteri Bottas, the Mercedes teammate of Lewis Hamilton, is very often the one who seems the most likely of this group to get a win. He has a proven track record, which puts him ahead of the likes of Sergio Perez, who has been better since joining Verstappen at Red Bull Racing. While his 2nd place finish in Belgium can’t really be taken too seriously, George Russell is a driver that you might want to keep an eye on. He has now picked up points in 3 straight races, so maybe he can do something this weekend.

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