2016 PGA Tour Golf Odds Predictions to Top Jordan Spieth

2016 PGA Tour Golf Predictions to Top Jordan Spieth

Written by on November 29, 2015

Based on the way that the 2015 PGA Tour season wound down, I think that one fairly easy golf odds prediction to make is that Jordan Spieth will win another major next year, perhaps two. There is a crowded field around him, but he has the timing and the confidence to keep rolling up trophies on the biggest stages as time goes by. But what else will take place next year?

Brief Look at the 2016 PGA Tour Golf Odds Predictions to Top Jordan Spieth

I think that Tiger Woods will finally relax a bit and become a mentor to younger men in the game. It’s not that hard to see him doing what Phil Mickelson has embraced, which is helping the next generation come into the game. He could work as a vice captain for the squad at the Ryder Cup, becoming more the elder statesman on the tour than a real contender. Of all of the big names in golf to make that transition over the past decades, his transition could be the most awkward. It’s true that the anchored putter ban begins on January 1, but that will only be the second biggest story in terms of equipment. The top story? The golf ball. The question remains as to whether there should be one ball that all golfers have to use, or at least a set of specifications for the sort of balls that can be put into play. There is so much variety out there that the quality of the game comes into question. Having an Olympic year in 2016 means a lot of interesting things for golf. Because of the way the Olympic teams are set up, Ricardo Gouveia will appear in the Olympics – but Zach Johnson won’t. The course in Rio is not going to be the same sort of quality that the pros are used to playing on. The time window for the Olympics means that the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship will all happen within seven weeks will irritate some golfers – and make some headlines – as well. I think Rory McIlroy will make 2016 his revenge year. If you’ve seen the Golden State Warriors simply dominating everyone else after they had their title questioned, then you should have an idea of how Rory will play. Rory’s motivation isn’t always quite there, but he has a ton of it now. I’m choosing him as my 2016 Player of the Year – he’s the Nicklaus of the modern generation, and he is ready for overdrive. Finally, I’m predicting that the U.S. will win the Ryder Cup. Tony Finau will be on the team too. He sits at #22 in Ryder Cup points, but he will be in. There will be a group of young studs on the squad, and they will bring that cup back to the U.S.
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