Triple Crown Horse Betting Performances and Fun Facts

Triple Crown Horse Betting Performances and Fun Facts

Written by on May 13, 2015

American Pharoah lived up to all the hype surrounding him as the 2015 Triple Crown favorite by acing his first test in the 2015 Kentucky Derby. Up next for American Pharoah and his fellow competitors is the 2015 Preakness Stakes, with horse racing betting enthusiasts hoping for another competitive race in the bid to find out the winner of this year’s Triple Crown event. And as our honorary obligation to prepare you for the 2015 Triple Crown competition, we jog your memory by highlighting the best 5 Triple Crown performances over the past century (since the year 2000) and some fun facts from the history of the event. Are you ready for the wild teleporting ride down the horse betting memory lane? Great!… Here we go:

Taking a Look at Triple Crown Horse Betting Performances and Fun Facts

California Chrome, 2014

Being the most recent performance, it is only right that we start with California Chrome and his flashy victory last year. Entering the 2014 Kentucky Derby as the hottest Triple Crown contender, California Chrome coasted to a commanding Kentucky Derby victory, followed by an impressive Preakness victory, but thing got a bit out of hand in the final Belmont Stakes competition, with California Chrome (under jockey Victor Espinoza) finishing 4th.

Big Brown, 2008

Like this year’s American Pharoah, Big Brown (sire to this year’s contender Dortmund) was all hyped-up prior to the 2008 Kentucky Derby, and come the race day, he lived up to the expectation. During the 2008 Derby, Big Brown broke away from the usually-difficult position 20 to win the race by 4 ¾ lengths and also won the Preakness Stakes by 5¼ lengths.

Barbaro Rolls, 2006

Very few Kentucky Derbies since 1900 stand out as much as Barbaro’s exploits in 2006. Entering a very competitive field, Barbaro barely looked troubled by the contenders as he rolled to a runaway 6¼-length victory in the 2016 Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, with more than 80% of hose racing pundits and betting fans being in agreement that he was a lock for the Triple Crown, Barbaro suffered a tragic breakdown in the Preakness Stakes, disappointing many horse racing lovers and handicappers alike.

Smarty Jones, 2004

After impressing by finishing first in the 2004 Kentucky Derby, and then cruising to an emphatic 11½-length win the 2004 Preakness Stakes, Smarty Jones was a red-hot favorite to claim the 12th Triple Crown victory. That was until Birdstone stopped history from being made, bettering Smarty Jones at the Belmont Stakes. If only wishes were horses, then I’d ride back to 2004 and find a way of limiting Birdstone’s winning chances in the last race.

Point Given, 2001

You ever seen a horse, or any animal for that matter, that practically looks god-sent and picture-perfect? That was Point Given for you in 2001. Based on his meticulous physical attributes, Point Given was poised to win it all, but he only managed to finish fifth in the Kentucky Derby. Point Given bounced with 2¼-length win in the Preakness Stakes and 12¼-length victory in the Belmont Stakes, winning the Horse of the Year honors after achieving all that, but it all wasn’t enough as the costly Derby loss stood in his way.

Noteworthy Fun Facts about the Triple Crown Event

• In the history of the event, there have been 11 Triple Crown winners, with thirty horses winning the first two legs of the competition, but 19 of them failing to win the Belmont Stakes.• Sir Barton was the first Triple Crown winner in 1919, with Johnny Loftus as the Jockey, H. Guy Bedwell as the Trainer, J. K. L. Ross as the Owner and John E. Madden as his breeder.• Since 1978 when Affirmed won the Triple Crown event, there has been no other Triple Crown winner.• The Belmont Stakes is the longest and oldest Triple Crown event.• There were five times when the Belmont race had only two horses in the field: 1920, 1910, 1892, 1888 and 1887.Want to find out more details about this year’s Triple Crown event and other noteworthy performances from the past? If so, check out our game analysis and betting news section where we have details about all that, and much more.