What a Triple Crown Winner Means in Horse Racing Betting

What a Triple Crown Winner Means Horse Racing Betting

Written by on May 15, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for fans of horse racing betting, as we are about to hit the middle leg of the Triple Crown, with the Preakness Stakes set to go on Saturday May 16 at Pimlico in Baltimore. American Pharoah, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, will try to win and head off to New York in hopes of winning the Belmont Stakes and completing one of the toughest tasks in sports, winning the Triple Crown.

Closer Look at What a Triple Crown Winner Means in Horse Racing Betting

How Have Horse Betting Odds Favored Previous Competitors

Running 3 major stakes races in such a short period of time would take a toll on any horse, but when you add in the fact that the Belmont is a grueling mile and a half, you can see why so many fall at the final hurdle. You have to go back to 1978 and Affirmed to find the last winner of the Triple Crown, although there have been a number of horses – Funny Cide, Smarty Jones, Big Brown, I’ll Have Another, California Chrome – in recent years who have headed to New York with a chance to win it all, only to fail. As a fan of racing, I am often asked what a Triple Crown winner would do for the sport as it stands now, and I find myself torn on the answer.In a perfect world, casual racing fans would get caught up in the hoopla that would be sure to come after such an even. They would suddenly realize how great the sport of horse racing really is, and they would start to support their local track by visiting and betting more often. The reality of racing is that is has been in serious decline for a number of years now, with the tracks that are still operating often relying on casino style betting to make up the cash shortfall. With a newfound interest in the sport, maybe these tracks could thrive instead of just getting by.What I really believe, though, is that interest in the sport would falter even more of American Pharoah were to win the Triple Crown this year.

Final Betting Thoughts

People love to tune in to see history being made, which in turn means that more people bet on the outcome. If we do get a winner this year, there may not be the same fervor once next year’s races come around, as the interest in seeing history repeat is just not the same. On some level, I want American Pharoah to join the list of “close but no cigar” horses, but I’m just not sure I would bet against him.
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