2015 MLB Betting Rankings Overview

Written by on June 15, 2015

Ten weeks of MLB baseball betting and we are still going strong. What teams have impressed so far and which ones have disappointed? Join us, as we give top-to-bottom overview of the MLB Power Rankings, entering this busy action-packed weekend that starts tonight… June 12, 2015.

In Depth Look at the 2015 MLB Betting Rankings Overview


1. St. Louis Cardinals (41-21)Last Week: 3-2PCT: .661

Without any doubts, the Cards are the hottest team in the MLB right now. They own an MLB-best record and are still holding their own at the helm of the NL Central, 6 games clear of their closest divisional rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and 6.5 games from the Chicago Cubs. LA dodgers-2015

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (37-26)Last Week: 5-1PCT: .587

Los Angeles’ 4-game streak was finally halted by the San Diego Padres over the weekend, but that did not stop the Dodgers from climbing atop the highly competitive NL West and keep their distance from their closest rivals, the San Francisco Giants. kansas-city-royals-2015

3. Kansas City Royals (34-25)Last Week: 3-2PCT: .576

Perched at the top of the AL Central, thanks to a surging performance that has seen them collect 4 wins in a row, the Royals continue to struggle to keep their pace after back to back losses to the St. Louis Cardinals over the weekend. pittsburgh-pirates-logo

4. Pittsburgh Pirates (35-27)Last Week: 4-2PCT: .565

Holding on strong in the NL Central with a second-best record in the division, the Pirates continue to deal with a number of concerning injuries that have taken the team to win only 2 of their last 6 games. 

houston astros5.Houston Astros (36-28)Last Week: 2-4PCT: .563

The Astros only rank this high because of their decent win record. Would have, otherwise, been ranked very low, as they are in funke0r’s funk, reeling off 7 losses in their last 9 games, with the only two victories coming over the weekend against the Seattle Mariners. chicago cubs

6. Chicago Cubs (34-27)Last Week: 4-2PCT: .557

Keeping pressure on the Cardinals in the NL Central, the Cubs need to improve their record after going 4-2 last week, which includes back to back wins over the Cincinnati Reds during this past weekend. Although the team looks better than in previous seasons, they need to add more wins to their record when they play the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians on the same week.  new-york-yankees-logo

7. New York Yankees (34-28)Last Week: 2-3PCT: .548

The Yankees are yet to impress strongly, but at least they are doing well enough to stay in contention among best teams in the NL, with an 7-3 run in their last 10 games and the best divisional record entering the week. The Yankees enter a 4 game series vs the Marlins set to begin this Monday at Marlins Park, Miami, Florida. minnesota-twins-logo

8. Minnesota Twins (34-28)Last Week: 1-5PCT: .548

Have lost their last three games in a row, but are still well-placed at No. 2 in the top-heavy NL Central just two games behind the Royals. 

tampa-bay-rays-logo9. Tampa Bay Rays (35-29)Last Week: 4-2PCT: .547

Trailing the Yankees in the AL East by just two games, the Tampa Bay Rays are having a convincing Season. With a record of 7-3 in their last 10 games, including a 3 game sweep over the Chicago White Sox, the Rays will try to get closer to the Yankees as they get ready for a 4-game series against the Washington Nationals. mlb-betting-toronto-blue-jays-2015

10. Toronto Blue Jays (34-30)Last Week: 6-0PCT: .531

The Blue Jays are enjoying a red-hot from, riding on an 10-game winning streak that has pushed them past the respectable 30-win mark in 60 games. Toronto is now ready for a 4-game series vs the Mets set for this Monday at Citi Field, Flushing, New York.San Francisco giants

11. San Francisco Giants (34-30)Last Week: 2-4PCT: .531

Sitting just 3.5 games behind the Dodgers, with a balanced roster that features 6 players ranked in the top 30 batting averages in the National League and a solid rotation that is boosted by up-ticking contributions from Matt Cain and Jake Peavy, the Giants continue to build a positive record that can help them to secure a sport in the postseason despite their 4 game skid. 

new-york-mets12. New York Mets (34-30)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .531

The NY Mets are still leading the NL East by just 0.5 wins, though must improve on their offense or could be in huge trouble in the coming weeks, going by the relentless pressure from the Nationals, Braves and Marlins in the National League East division. 


13. Texas Rangers (33-30)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .524

With 31 wins in 60 games, the Rangers look incredibly strong compared to the team that claimed a measly total of 67 wins last season. They are certainly worth being ranked in the top half of the power rankings, and now they are ready to engage in a 4 game battle against the L.A Dodgers with two games set at the Globe Life Park in Arlington, and two games scheduled to begin on Wednesday at the legendary Dodger Stadium. detroit tigers logo

14. Detroit Tigers (33-30)Last Week: 3-2PCT: .524

The Tigers are yet to live up to their big name, currently placed at No. 3 in the AL Central with 5 losses in their last 10 games. Even so, are just 3 games behind division leaders, the Royals, so they could easily gain some ground when they meet the struggling Cincinnati Reds on Monday for the first of a 4-game series. washington-nationals-logo

15. Washington Nationals (33-30)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .524

Have been shaky over the recent times, but are still one of the best teams in the National League. Despite going 3-3 last week, the Nats won their last two vs the Brewers and are now ready to take on the Rays in a 4-game series set to begin this Monday. 

anaheim angels logo16. Los Angeles Angels (32-31)Last Week: 4-2PCT: .508

Just like the San Diego Padres, the Angels have been average so far, showing signs of brilliance on one hand, and then disappointing in the other hand. The team recently lost 6 of their last 10 games, losing ground to the Texas Rangers and dropping to the No. 3 position in the AL West. 

Baltimore Orioles17. Baltimore Orioles (31-31)Last Week: 5-1PCT: .500

A good unit that could benefit from the addition of a couple of big stars to scare off their opponents, most of whom look at them as a small team and take advantage of their lack of confidence in their potential. 


18. San Diego Padres (32-33)Last Week: 3-4PCT: .492

Th San Diego Padres are the true definition of a middle-table team, going 15-15 at home, 16-16 on the road, and currently stuck with a .500 record at No. 3 in the five-team NL West division, no wander they are exactly at No. 15 to split the top and bottom teams in our current rankings.  


19. Cleveland Indians (29-33)Last Week: 2-4PCT: .468

Placed in the last places of the AL Central, the Cleveland Indians had an unconvincing performance, going 4-6 in their last 10 games. The Indians would have ranked better and collected more wins had they been in a friendlier division, but they still have a chance to improve their ranking when they meet the Chicago Cubs in a 4 game series set to begin this Monday at Wrigley Field. 

atlanta braves20. Atlanta Braves (30-33)Last Week: 3-4PCT: .476

Sitting 3.5 games behind the NL East leader NY Mets, the Braves continue to struggle to push for a solid season, and remain in contention for a divisional title. However, a 4-10 record over their last 10 games and recent problems with their scoring will need to be sorted out sooner.  

chicago-white-sox-logo21. Chicago White Sox (28-33)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .459

Sit seven games behind the KC Royals, the White Sox are far from being able to compete with the Major League Ballers, winning only 4 of their last 10 games and getting swept by the Tampa Bay Rays in their most recent outing. 

arizona diamondbacks22. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-32)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .484

Future dependent on how Dave Stewart and Tony La Russa will handle the trade deadline. At the moment though, they are over-relying on Jake Lamb back and A.J. Pollock, hence need more outfielders to step up to the plate. 

colorado rockies23. Colorado Rockies (28-34)Last Week: 3-4PCT: .452

The Rockies have had a couple of rough weeks, going 4-6 in their last ten games after losing only 3 of  10 on the previous weeks. Colorado will try top recover the lost ground in the NL West when they meet the red hot Houston Astros for a 4 game series set to start this Monday evening. 

seattle mariners logo24. Seattle Mariners (28-35)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .444

Despite the recent acquisition of pieces such as Mark Trumbo, Vidal Nuño, Welington Castillo and other crucial players that were expected to help them improve, the Mariners still need their stars to be able to rise on big occasions in order to challenge other divisional opponents.  

Oakland A's25. Oakland Athletics (26-39)Last Week: 3-3PCT: .400

Sit in the last place in their division, the Athletics continue to struggle after recording 4 wins in their last 10 outings, which puts them 9.5 games behind the AL West leaders, the Houston Astros.  

cincinnati-reds-logo26. Cincinnati Reds (28-34)Last Week: 4-3PCT: .452

At first sight, the Reds look like a team with a lot of potential, but their lack of consistency on both ends of the field continues to be an obstacle and the main reason why Cincinnati is one of the worst teams in the NL Central, 13 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. 

miami-marlins-logo-201527. Miami Marlins (27-37)Last Week: 3-4PCT: .422

Same explanation like the Reds. Placed second-last the NL East, 8.5 games behind the NY Mets, the Marlins continue to struggle to say on float in the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball National League. 

boston red-sox28. Boston Red Sox (27-37)Last Week: 0-6PCT: .422

Though Dustin Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts are looking good this June in Boston’s infield, the team still looks short of being a championship-caliber contender. The Red Sox definitely need a lot of help from the coaching staff and their stars to change their lukewarm season into a hot campaign and revert the 6 game skid suffered last week against Baltimore and Toronto.

milwaukee-brewers-logo29. Milwaukee Brewers (24-40)Last Week: 4-3PCT: .375

Drunk with “power” in the NL Central, where they are placed at the bottom of the standings. Could, however, be on the rise, after recording 6 wins in their last 10 games, especially if they can improve on their 11-22 record at home, which is worse than their 13-18 road record.  

philadelphia-phillies-logo30. Philadelphia Phillies (22-4239)Last Week: 0-6PCT: .344

Currently the Phillies own the worst record in the league and don’t look like they’ll be improving any time soon after losing 9 of their last 10 games, including the last 6 in a row.