Predictions for the 2nd Half of the 2015 MLB Betting Season

Predictions for the 2nd Half of the 2015 MLB Season

Written by on July 18, 2015

From whether the Boston Red Sox will bounce back from their funky first half of the 2015 MLB season to whether the Detroit Tigers will be missing out on the NL Central title for the first time in five seasons, there is plenty of storyline to keep track of in the second half of the baseball season. In addition, a number of teams are currently in the mix for a playoff spot and a lot of big bombshells are expected as the second half of the season continues and competition in the MLB odds gets tougher by the day. That being said, let’s prepare for the wild happenings in the second half of the Major League Baseball season by enjoying these bold MLB betting predictions

A Look at the Predictions for the 2nd Half of the 2015 MLB Betting Season

Baseball Lines Predict Red Sox Will Finish the AL with the Worst Record

After a frustrating first half of the season and a poor run that has seen them collect just 42 wins and 47 losses in 89 games, including being placed at the bottom of the AL East standings, it is hard to have any viable hopes about an improvement for the Red Sox team in the second half of the season. Yes, the return of Dustin Pedroia could help them a little, just in the same way the continued emergence of Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts is likely to grant them a couple of wins. But with the tough competition in the AL East division and the America League at large, the possibilities of failure look more certain than those of success for Boston. After all, the Red Sox currently have the third worst record in the whole of American League, sitting just two games ahead of the Oakland Athletics.

Houston Astros Will Win the AL West Pennant and Qualify for the Playoffs

The Astros have deep pockets enough to help them claim one or two starting pitchers in the upcoming MLB trade deadline. In addition, with the third lowest age in the Big Leagues (having no regulars in their current rotation or lineup older than 29), the Astros will also need some veteran presence to help the team stay in contention against other Major League teams that boast of vastly experienced player. Besides making such additions, the Houston team looks pretty decent, with CY Young Award favorite Dallas Keuchel and star hitter Jose Altuve providing leadership on both sides of the field, something that has helped the Astros witness a dramatic rise in the standings and strongly challenge for both the AL West title and a slot in the MLB playoffs. With the Angels currently sitting just half-a-game ahead of the Astros in the division, it is clear that winning the AL West divisional pennant is (and will be) very possible for the red-hot Astros.

Philadelphia’s Pitcher Cole Hamels Will Join the Dodgers

Rumor has it that the Phillies might actually hold onto Hamels for the rest of the season, while new president Andy MacPhail feels that the organization should clear him and make the long-anticipated move of trade him at the end of this month. The latter option could present the Dodgers with an opportunity to snag away the star left-hander. Outside the Dodgers, the Rangers and Yankees have also expressed interest in Hamels, but based on our predictions, going to Los Angeles looks more appealing as they in solid contention to win the NL West title, so a move to join the Dodgers looks most likely.

Detroit Tigers Will Miss this Year’s AL Central Title

With Miguel Cabrera out of the picture for up to six weeks for the Tigers, the team has been reduced to a lot of struggling. Even if Dave Dombrowski is able to work his characteristic Trade Deadline magic to help the rotation, the Tigers will still need to have a consistent starting staff if they are to challenge for the NL Central title. Making matters worse for the Tigers, who have a 44-44 record thus far (9 games behind the division-leading Royals), Justin Verlander is still short of full fitness since his return from the disabled list and Alfredo Simon struggled a lot leading up to the All-Star break. With such factors considered, the Tigers might continue to struggle and drop behind Kansas City before the Trade Deadline, making it tough for them to launch a come-back. As things stand now, and even with our forecasts into the future, the Tigers will probably have an up-and-down season, culminating probably with a third or fourth finish in the division.

Outfielder Bryce Harper will go on the Disabled List

Bryce Harper suffered a number of injuries in 2013 and 2014 and has since then battled with repeated leg problems, which have crept into his current season. Meanwhile, his team, the Washington Nationals, has found it impossible to get the best of their regular starters this season, including Jayson Werth, Denard Span and Anthony Rendon, who’ve all been dealing with injuries of various natures. Harper-to-the-DL is certainly not anyone’s wish, but all things considered, it is a sad possibility, a possibility that could all but put an end to his contention for the MVP Award.
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