Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 24th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 24th Edition

Major League Baseball continued it’s 60-game, truncated season. This past week, no real news emerged on the COVID front. That’s a good thing! Check out what happened in Major League Baseball last week so you can plan your bets for this week against their MLB odds!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 24th Edition

2020 Major League Baseball Season

  • When: July 23 through September 27
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +350
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • Houston Astros +900
  • Atlanta Braves +1200
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2500
  • Minnesota Twins +1200
  • Washington Nationals +2200
  • New York Mets +2000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3000
  • L.A. Angels +2000
  • Boston Red Sox +5500
  • Cleveland Indians +2500
  • Chicago Cubs +2500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1400
  • Oakland Athletics +2000
  • Cincinnati Reds +1800
  • Milwaukee Brewers +3300
  • Chicago White Sox +2000
  • San Diego Padres +3500
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +5500
  • Texas Rangers +8000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +6600
  • Colorado Rockies +15000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +30000
  • San Francisco Giants +15000
  • Seattle Mariners +20000
  • Baltimore Orioles +30000
  • Detroit Tigers +20000
  • Kansas City Royals +15000
  • Miami Marlins +25000

Baseball doomsday theorists have turned to discussing the trade deadline

Things have gotten bullish in MLB. Just a few weeks ago, some believed baseball might have to cancel the season.

But the Cardinals got back onto the diamond a couple of Saturday’s ago. Since then, things have turned up roses for the professional baseball league. 

Major League Baseball analysts have turned their attention to trades. Per most analysts, teams in the National League looking to trade for a player that will help them get to the postseason will be the Cardinals, Padres, and most every team in the NL East. 

Teams in the American League looking for a player to get them to the postseason will be the Blue Jays, Orioles, and possibly the Astros.

A’s remain atop AL Power Rankings while Dodgers dominate the NL

Check out this week’s MLB Top 5 Power Rankings.

American League Top 5 Power Rankings: 

  1. Oakland Athletics – The A’s are 4 ½ games ahead of the Houston Astros. This with ace Frankie Montas posting a 5.22 ERA.
  2. Tampa Bay Rays – Tampa has overtaken the New York Yankees in the AL East. The Rays are 1 game ahead of NYY.
  3. New York Yankees – The Yankees project to get to the postseason either as a wildcard or the AL East winner. But falling behind Tampa, even if it is a game, isn’t a good sign.
  4. Minnesota Twins – The Twins bumped their half-a-game lead over the Tribe to 1 ½ games. Minnesota has a +40 run differential.  
  5. Cleveland Guardians – The Tribe remains a contender. Rumor has it, Cleveland might move starter Mike Cleavinger. Why would the Tribe do that? Cleavinger broke a rule. So, Cleveland wants to part ways with him.  

National League Top 5 Power Rankings:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers – As of August 23, the Dodgers have a 22-8 record and +79 run differential.  
  2. Chicago Cubs – Chicago continues to impress. It starts with Yu Darvish. Yu has gotten it together. He’s 5-1 with a 1.70 ERA.  
  3. Atlanta Braves – The Braves have gotten by even though their ace, Mike Soroka, is out for the season. Max Fried, the new top man in the rotation, has a 4-0 record and 1.32 ERA. 
  4. San Diego Padres – At 18-12, the San Diego Padres are the lone squad that can challenge the Dodgers in the NL West. The Giants, Rockies, and D’Backs are all at least 8 to 8 ½ games behind the Dodgers.
  5. St. Louis Cardinals – As of August 23, the Dodgers have played just 17 games. That’s 10 games less than the Cubbies. Still, they’re at 9-8, which puts them a game above .500. Nobody else other than the four teams ahead of the Cards can claim that.

Have a great week!