Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – September 7th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – September 7th Edition

Although the coronavirus continues to hang over Major League Baseball like a cloud, the league has continued with its truncated season. There was a major shake-up in MLB World Series Odds last week. Check out a quick up date on the MLB odds before we get to the top five in both the National League and American League.

MLB COVID-19 Update – September 7th Edition

2020 Major League Baseball Season

  • When: July 23 through September 27
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +460
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +320
  • Houston Astros +1600
  • Atlanta Braves +1400
  • St. Louis Cardinals +3300
  • Minnesota Twins +1400
  • Washington Nationals +1000
  • New York Mets +5000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3000
  • L.A. Angels +30000
  • Boston Red Sox +25000
  • Cleveland Indians +1800
  • Chicago Cubs +1400
  • Tampa Bay Rays +750
  • Oakland Athletics +850
  • Cincinnati Reds +5000
  • Milwaukee Brewers +5000
  • Chicago White Sox +1400
  • San Diego Padres +1400
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +15000
  • Texas Rangers +2000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +3500
  • Colorado Rockies +5000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +80000
  • San Francisco Giants +7000
  • Seattle Mariners +80000
  • Baltimore Orioles +20000
  • Detroit Tigers +20000
  • Kansas City Royals +50000
  • Miami Marlins +4000

Rays and A’s become true World Series contenders

Before the season started, the New York Yankees were a solid favorite to win the World Series. They were either co-favorites with the L.A. Dodgers or overall favorites.

But the Yankees have fallen on hard times. NYY is on a 3-game losing streak. They’ve fallen 6 ½ games behind the Tampa Bay Rays.

As we might expect, as the odds on the Yankees have risen, the odds on the Rays have dropped. Tampa Bay is a +750 choice. But the Rays, who have played as well as any team in Major League Baseball in the past month, aren’t the only team that World Series bettors have gravitated towards. The Oakland A’s have gotten plenty of action as well. 

Both the Rays and A’s send strong rotations to the mound. Oakland’s bullpen ranks first in ERA at 2.20. New York doesn’t rank in the top ten in runs per game or team ERA. Until they turn things around, the Yankees’ +460 odds make them a massive underlay.

National League & American League Top 5 for the Week

Check out the top five from each league for the week.

American League Top 5

  1. Tampa Bay Rays 28-13 – Tampa has gone 8-2 SU in their last 10. They’ve solidified their position as the best team in the American League.
  2. Oakland A’s 23-14 – Oakland now has a 3 ½ game lead over the Houston Astros. The A’s are the second best pitching team in baseball. That could be enough to get them to the World Series.
  3. Chicago White Sox 26-15 – Because of their ½ game lead over Cleveland and 1 ½ game lead over the Twins, the White Sox deserve the higher ranking.
  4. Cleveland Guardians 26-15 – Sure, the Tribe traded Mike Cleavinger. So what? They’re still one of the better teams in the AL.
  5. Minnesota Twins 25-17 – The Twins remain a +1400 second-tier choice to win the World Series. Minnesota has not yet given up on winning the AL Central Division. 

National League Top 5

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 30-12 – Heading into the week, the Dodgers are on a 2-game losing streak. Does that mean the Padres make up ground this week? It could. The Yankees are struggling. Maybe, the Dodgers start struggling as well. 
  2. Atlanta Braves 24-16 – Philadelphia has rallied to get without shouting distance. The ATL maintains a 3-game lead over Bryce Harper and the Phillies, though.
  3. Chicago Cubs 23-18 – Cubs battle the Cardinals this week. Because the lead is just 1 ½ games, whomever wins the series grabs first place in the NL Central standings
  4. Philadelphia Phillies 19-17 – Philadelphia has lost two in a row. Now’s not the time for Philadelphia to get onto a big losing streak.
  5. San Diego Padres 25-17 – The San Diego Padres are just 5 games back. The Dodgers should win the NL West. But, SD has shown it can hang with LAD.

Have a great week!


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