Mid-August MLB Odds Update on the AL Wild Card Race

Mid-August MLB Odds Update on the AL Wild Card Race

Written by on August 19, 2015

Not so long ago, everyone was asking themselves what was happening to the New York Yankees, after the 27-time champions seemed to have taken a nose dive. This relegated them to the become contenders for a wildcard spot. But now, this seems to have changed as they are leading their division, leaving the likes of Toronto, L.A. Angels, Baltimore and Tampa Bay to battle it out for the two wildcard spots. Life in the American League is so competitive that a simple change makes a great difference. Below is a preview of the teams with the best MLB odds of making the wildcard cut.

Brief View of the Mid-August MLB Odds Update on the AL Wild Card Race

Toronto Blue Jays and Predicted Online MLB Betting Lines (65-54)

Competition between the Blue Jays and the Yankees seem to get twisted every day. Not long ago, the Blue Jays were ahead of the Yankees by half a game, but now they have been dethroned. They are now into the wildcard region, holding the first spot, battling it out with Orioles and Angels who are not far behind. They have the third best record in the American League with a .546 winning mark. In the last ten games, they have won 8, meaning if they continue this way, they might automatically qualify for the postseason through the divisional title without passing through the wildcard. But if that doesn’t happen, they should still be able to have a record good enough to clinch a wild card spot.

Baltimore Orioles (60-56)

Having won their last three games, they Orioles have overtaken the Angels, who’ve lost their last three games. They currently stand second on the wild card placements, half a game ahead of the Angels and 3.5 games behind the Blue Jays. Until now, they have a winning percentage of .517, with both the offense and defense contributing to their solid run. Though as a standout performer, Chris Davis has been really exceptional for the team since the All-Star break, hitting .315 with a .406 on-base percentage and a .750 slugging percentage, along with 12 homers and 31 RBIs ahead of the weekend games. If we can have a couple of players supporting Davis in the offense and a few other starters getting hot on the mound, the Orioles are going to be a hell of a team to beat.

Los Angeles Angels (60-57)

The Angels currently occupy the third wild card spot, and are not far from the leading pack. They were placed in the second spot for a while, but due to their recent downward spiral, the Orioles are now second. Their regression is typified by their 3-7 record in the last 10 games. If the Angels are to avoid further plunge down the wild card standings, they’ll need to figure out a way of getting back to the winning column by putting a stop to their three-game losing skid. It’s not going to be easy toppling the in-form Blue Jays and Orioles, but with some dedication, it should be all possible for the Angels, who are balanced and talented enough on both sides of the field.

Tampa Bay Rays (59-57)

The Rays are hitting the right form at the right time of the season, having won six of their last 10 games, riding hot on a league-best four-game winning streak. Though they occupy the fourth place on the wild card standings and it looks a long way up to reach the playoffs, the AL West title is within reach, as the Houston Astros are just 4.0 games ahead atop the division, followed by the Angels. So if going the wild card route is difficult, the Rangers (just like the Angels) can opt to fight for a fight for the playoffs by still challenging for the divisional title.

Final Betting Remarks

The Angels and the Blue Jays look in firm position to win the wildcard race. Toronto can even still make it to the postseason through automatic qualification if the Yankees get a run of bad results. However, they also need to keep winning as their position isn’t guaranteed. The Orioles, Angels, Rangers and the Rays can still pull a surprise, with the Angels and Rangers having a better chance if they can fight for the divisional title against the Astros. All in all, the Blue Jays, Orioles and the Angels should be the teams to watch out for here.
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