MLB Betting Prediction on Signing a Woman to a Team

MLB Betting Prediction on Signing a Woman to a Team

Written by on June 24, 2015

This week, Melissa Mayeux, a 16 year old young French Woman, declared herself a free agent, making her eligible to be signed by a Major League Baseball team during the upcoming international signing period. Her declaration is making people wonder if MLB betting is ready to have its first female player.

By all accounts, Melissa Mayeux is a very talented shortstop, who is capable of making all the plays, and she can also swing the bat very well. In April, she was able to get a hit from a pitch thrown by a 19 year old Dominican Republic prospect, who was clocked throwing at 91 miles per hour. The problem she faces right now is the fact that MLB scouts don’t have a lot of information on her, in terms of skills and ability, her age, and of course, the fact that she is a woman. These are the reasons why her chances of getting signed by a MLB team are very low.

A Look at the MLB Betting Prediction on Signing a Woman to a Team

This brings us back to the question of if Major League Baseball is ready to sign a female player. Right now, the honest answer to the question is no, because there is a general consensus in sports that women cannot compete with men in the same sports, because they are not physically capable to do so. The problem with that theory is that it has never been proven to be accurate, but it hasn’t prevented professional sports teams from excluding women from their leagues, which is why there are female sports leagues.

In 2014, 13 year old Mo’ne Davis proved that women can indeed compete with men in sports. In the 2014 Little League World Series, she was one of the two girls that played in the tournament, and she was the first female to earn a win, and also pitch a shutout in the tournament’s history. Her accomplishments garnered a lot of attention, and she even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Most importantly, it proved that females can contend with males on an even playing field.

The problem with a success story like Mo’ne Davis, is the fact that she is more likely an exception to the rule. There will always be females that are able to compete with men in some sports, but there aren’t many of them. For example, Danica Patrick, who is a race car driver, competes in a male dominated sport, which doesn’t require the physicality of sports like baseball or football, but she is mostly known for her looks than her skills. While she is one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR, she is still searching for her first career win, and through no fault of hers, she is one of the most common excuses used when debating if women can compete with men in the same sport.

While Major League Baseball currently isn’t ready for a female player, there is no telling if it will be in the future. In the past, baseball did not let African-American players play in the league, and most people at the time would have thought that would be the case forever, but in 1945, Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to a minor league contract, and in 1947, Robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first African-American to play for a MLB team.

The example of Jackie Robinson shows that baseball can adapt and change their rules, if they feel that a player is able to help their team, regardless of their gender, because their ultimate goal is to win games. But before we will ever see a woman play in a MLB game, the sport will first need to start giving women more opportunities to prove that they can play, and are capable of helping the team win. This starts by signing more women to minor league contracts, because it allows them to sharpen their skills, and also helps the male players get used to the idea of playing with women.

This doesn’t mean that the women should be given any preferential treatment, it just simply means giving them a chance to prove that they are capable of competing with men. If women are given the same chances to make a Major League Baseball team as men are, the ones that are able to compete should not be denied a chance to live out their dreams, because a few men are worried that having to play with women on their team would be detrimental to the sport. The truth of the matter is that it might actually have the opposite effect, because it will increase interest in the sport, and help them gain female fans, who will have more interest if women are allowed to play with the men.