2022 MLB Season Betting Predictions: Early World Series Odds Favorites, Smart Picks, Dark Horses

2022 MLB Season Betting Predictions: Early World Series Odds Favorites, Smart Picks, Dark Horses

As things stand at the moment, baseball fans are all sitting around wondering if we will get to see any action this season. The league and the players association are in active talks to try and hammer out a deal, but the longer this latest contract dispute drags on, the shorter the season is going to become. We have already seen the first 2 series of the 2022 season wiped out, with the league stating that more game will be cut if an agreement cannot be reached this week. While there is little in the way of news to inspire any kind of optimism, we are going to look ahead anyway and take a look at how this MLB Betting season might play out, so let’s do that now.

Favorites, Smart Picks, and Dark Horses for the 2022 Season | MLB Betting Analysis

World Series Favorites

 The Atlanta Braves will come into the new season as the defending champions, but they are not particularly high on the list of favorites. Right now, it is the LA Dodgers (+550) who the bookies see as the team to beat. It’s not that surprising when you consider that the Dodgers have been the biggest spenders in the league for quite some time. They are stacked from top to bottom, and while they did lose a couple of key pieces in the offseason, they are still the most talented team on paper.

Over in the American League, it is the Houston Astros (+810) who are the favorites to represent the AL in the World Series. This is a team that has remained strong since winning the World Series a few seasons ago, so they too look like a good pick to win their division and make a deep run in the postseason.

Smart Picks

Winning the World Series begins with winning a division and getting into the postseason. There are, of course, also Wild Card spots available, but that extra game adds pressure and makes a deep run that much more difficult. When talking about smart picks, you need to talk about teams that look like a sure bet to win their division. Outside of the previously mentioned favorites, you have to look at the Chicago White Sox (+1025) as a smart pick. The won the AL Central by 13 games last season and look like a team that could be set to win it again this year. I also think that the Braves (+1225) are a good pick to win the NL East again, pending the Freddie Freeman decision, so they fit in this category.

Dark Horses

If you look at the second half of last season, there was no team that performed better than the St. Louis Cardinals (+1850). They went from looking dead in the water to landing a Wild Card spot, and with most of their key players returning to the fold for the 2022 season, they might well be worth a look at some terrific odds.

I would also take a look at the San Francisco Giants (+1950), who are currently a good way down in the betting. They won 107 games last season, and while they will almost certainly take a step back this year, I think they could still potentially do enough to be a Wild Card team. As the Braves proved last year, once you get in, anything can happen.


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