MLB Odds Prediction on Dombrowski as Red Sox President

MLB Odds Prediction on Dombrowski as Red Sox President

Written by on August 25, 2015

Now that the Boston Red Sox have shaken up their baseball operations by bringing in Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations, there is the potential for significant change from top to bottom in the Red Sox organization for enjoyment of their baseball betting fans. Dombrowski was the architect of two World Series winners in Florida and helped the Tigers become the dominant team in the American League Central until the rise of Kansas City last year. Can he bring the Red Sox back to greatness? Here’s a look at some of the potential changes that Dombrowski could effect in Beantown.

A Look at the MLB Odds Prediction on Dombrowski as Red Sox President

Who’s the Manager?

Red Sox manager John Farrell has just started his initial chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma. Dombrowski indicated that he had spoken to Farrell on the phone and agreed to get together to talk about Farrell’s feelings about the direction of the ball club. Dombrowski has acknowledged that Farrell remains under contract for the 2016 season but has not committed to keeping him in that position. The ownership of the Red Sox appears to be in Farrell’s corner, according to Team chairman Tom Werner said, “I don’t hold John Farrell in any sense responsible for our team’s performance. As to the future, I’m sure the two of them will sit down and will figure out a path forward that’s good for both of them.”

What About the Team President?

Sam Kennedy was just installed as team president, replacing Larry Lucchino. Lucchino has had a voice in baseball decisions, but it’s not clear that Kennedy will. Dombrowski’s comment about Kennedy was, “We work together, but not on baseball decisions.” Kennedy’s responsibility is the business side of the Red Sox. He has said that he anticipates involvement in baseball discussions going forward.

Who Will the New GM Be?

One candidate who is already receiving mention is Frank Wren, who has also sat in the GM chair in Baltimore in Atlanta. He was an assistant GM to Dombrowski in Montreal and Florida. When Detroit was in Tampa last, Wren and Dombrowski were seen spending some time together, but the list is just being put together. The team’s ownership has said that minority candidates will be interviewed as well, per the requirements that the commissioner has established.

What About Jerry DiPoto?

DiPoto worked most recently as a GM for the Los Angeles Angels, and the Red Sox had recently hired him as a consultant to former GM Ben Cherington. His job is to assist with putting together offseason strategy while evaluating talent within the Red Sox system. Werner reiterated that DiPoto would remain in that role, at least for now. Dombrowski has said he wants to talk to DiPoto to see exactly what his role will be with the organization.

Bill James?

It hasn’t been all that long since James’ Baseball Prospectus was a dusty appendix to the consideration that most generation managers put into play when making baseball decisions. Now that the Red Sox ownership has brought James aboard, it’s not likely that Dombrowski would send him packing anyway. Analytics are important to the Red Sox – more important than they appeared to be to Dombrowski’s Tiger organization, but Dombrowski also reiterated that there is no such thing as too much quality information.
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