MLB Betting Report on Playoff Pretenders in Second Half

MLB Betting Report on Playoff Pretenders in 2nd Half

Written by on July 23, 2015

Unavoidably, the second half of the 2015 MLB season is upon us, and after the first months of the game gave Major League betting enthusiasts plenty to talk about, there is a lot of eagerness surrounding the remainder of the season.One of the biggest developments so far has been the race for the playoffs in both the American League and National League. Following the unexpected, exciting and downright surprising playoff contention in the first half, who are our biggest playoff pretenders? Read on as we take a sweeping look across the MLB betting odds to lock out the pretenders:

Taking a Look at the MLB Betting Report on Playoff Pretenders in Second Half


Arizona Diamondbacks (43-49)

Though the Arizona offense has been getting hotter in the course of July, the Diamondbacks don’t have a true ace in the team. The team’s arguably best starting pitcher, Chase Anderson, is currently injured, so pushing for the playoffs looks highly likely.

Cincinnati Reds (42-50)

No doubt, Todd Frazier is having a hell of a year and Billy Hamilton’s MLB-leading 45 stolen bases will come in handy for the team down the stretch, but with the team’s wild inconsistency, there is not much hope about catching up to the leaders. The talks about manager Brian Price’s job being on the line is in fact proof enough that the Reds have all but given up on the playoffs.

Milwaukee Brewers (42-53)

If only Francisco “K-Rod” Rodríguez was playing for a more competitive team, then we’d be having a different story here. Sadly, this is a Brewers team that is still suffering the hangover of losing manager Ron Roenicke after a 7-18 start. No way will these drunken Brewers get sober anytime soon.

Colorado Rockies (40-53)

The biggest boulder for the Rockies has been their pitching, with none of the starters having an ERA below 4.00. So, even with Nolan Arenado starring for the team in the hitting department, challenging the Dodgers and Giants perched atop the NL West looks very unlikely.

Miami Marlins (39-55)

Outside the MVP-worthy performances by Giancarlo Stanton (27 home runs in 74 games), there’s really nothing playoff-like about this Marlins team that already fired manager Mike Redmond after a 16-22 start. Oh, and slugger Stanton is doesn’t look like he’s making a soon comeback from his wrist injury.

Philadelphia Phillies (34-63)

Really? Do we have to talk about them? Okay, make your pick… The Phillies are trailing the NL leaders by 18 games, the hitters are struggling mightily (maybe with the exception of Ryan Howard) and new president Andy MacPhail virtually needs to overhaul the entire team if he is to challenge for even 70 wins this season. Big, big pretenders right here!!!


Cleveland Indians (45-48)

Challenging for a .500 season should be possible if second baseman Jason Kipnis continues to hit and snag like a mad man possessed with an evil genius. Nonetheless, Cleveland’s poor showing against divisional opponents and its inconsistency will be its undoing for a shot at the playoffs.

Seattle Mariners (43-51)

Signing outfielder and designated hitter Nelson Cruz was the best thing that could have happened to the Mariners this season. Unfortunately, Cruz cannot change the woeful hitting department on his own. The team’s pitching has also been shaky, making it hard for the Mariners to compare to top-tier opposing teams. With such factors considered, the Mariners are likely to remain at the basement of the NL playoff race.

Chicago White Sox (42-49)

With one of the poorest defensive units in the AL, not even Chris Sale and his Cy Young-worthy season will be able to save the White Sox. Plus, rumors have it that Jeff Samardzija could be leaving the team during the MLB Trade Deadline, ridding the team of talent that could have been of more value in Chicago.

Oakland Athletics (43-52)

Despite the recent surging performances by their young starters, the A’s did themselves out of playoff contention by losing too many games early in the season.

Boston Red Sox (42-52)

Forget about all those talks about Boston and their history of always finding a way of to sneak into the playoffs. With too many flaws in the team and pitching acquisitions Rick Porcello, Justin Masterson and Wade Miley failing to light Red for the Sox, Boston will continue to with its struggles until the end of the season.
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