MLB Betting Rumors on Possible Trades in the 2015 Deadline

MLB Betting Rumors on Possible Trades in the 2015 Deadline

Written by on July 26, 2015

Since we last spoke about the MLB Trade Deadline, not much has changed about it. The date is still set for July 31st, Johnny Cueto (RHP, Reds) and Cole Hamels (LHP, Phillies) are still among the most coveted free agents, and the St. Louis Cardinals still have the best record in baseball despite their pitching struggles. The only noticeable difference is that there is an increased number of rumors among MLB betting fans linking the free agents with new teams every day.

Taking a Look at the MLB Betting Rumors on Possible Trades in the 2015 Deadline

For most teams and their players, the trades will take place during the annual Trade Deadline. However, for the ones listed below on a team-basis, there is a good possibility that their trades may happen before the set date.


Cole Hamels

Though many expect his deal to go through on the Trade Deadline, the timeline of his move could be hastened, with the Phillies probably looking to offload him quickly and get enough time to make moves of their own.Possible teams that could trade for him: Houston, LA Dodgers and Boston.

Jonathan Papelbon

Yes, his decline has been there for the world to see, but much of his recent struggles have got to do with the team rather than his individual skills. Going by the games he has finished, he is eligible for a deal, something that a handful teams could take advantage of, hoping he can re-find the amazing form from his time in Boston.Possible teams that could trade for him: Toronto San Francisco and Detroit

Chase Utley

His numbers haven’t been that good this year, but there is still a lot of baseball in him, which could be rekindled by joining a team that can trust him as a starter, or a bench role with the opportunity to start.Possible teams that could trade for him: NY Yankees, Baltimore and LA Angeles.

Ben Revere

For teams that lack a good defense and need to inject speed in their teams, Revere could be a great addition. Though he doesn’t come with power hits or many walks, his hitting average and stolen bases are good to make many teams better.Possible teams that could trade for him: Cleveland and Houston.3


Johnny Cueto

The Reds have struggled a lot this season, so there is no necessity of keeping Cueto in Cincinnati and wasting away his sterling skills as one of the best arms in MLB.Possible teams that could trade for him: Houston, Kansas City and Boston.

Aroldis Chapman

As a four-time All-Star in his last four seasons, Chapman will certainly be turning a lot of heads for teams seeking a solid closer that can make an immediate impact on the team.Possible teams that could trade for him: Washington, Toronto and Chicago.

Jay Bruce

With a $19.5-million price tag next year and a $13 million in 2017, Bruce is not in dire need to leave the Reds, especially now that he is enjoying a productive season. However, if the Reds decide to opt for business than retain his services, then Bruce could fetch some good money for the team even if for a temporary duration.Possible teams that could trade for him: LA Angels and New York Mets. 


Aramis Ramirez

With barely anything to fight for in the season, doing as many businesses as possible would make more sense right now for Milwaukee. And in this regard, Ramirez’s ability to give quality at-bats as a pinch-hitter should make him a worthy trade prospect.Possible teams that could trade for him: Pittsburgh, Houston and New York Mets.

Adam Lind

After a resurgent performance over the recent times, Lind would make a great option for a team looking for a great hitter at a cost effective price.Possible teams that could trade for him: St. Louis and Houston.

Gerardo Parra

Bringing immense depth as an outfielder and enjoying his best offensive season, Parra is another cheap prospect that could bring value to teams struggling in the offensive side of things.Possible teams that could trade for him: San Francisco and Kansas City and LA Angels.

Francisco Rodriguez

Meet the legendary K-rod. Looking for proven pitching? Rodriguez is your go-to guy.Possible teams that could trade for him: Toronto, Minnesota and Detroit.

Other Players Who Could be Traded Before the Deadline

Milwaukee Brewers

• John Axford• Aramis Ramizer

Colorado Rockies

• John Axford• Carlos Gonzalez• Troy Tulowitzki

Oakland Athletics

• Tyler Clippard• Ben Zobrist• Scott Kazmir

Miami Marlins

• Dan Haren• Mat Latos
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