Padres MLB Betting Lines? San Diego's Big Spendings Not Paying Off

Padres MLB Betting Lines? San Diego’s Big Spendings Not Paying Off

Written by on August 10, 2015

The San Diego Padres went all-in with free agency spending this past offseason, with the team thinking that the Giants and Dodgers were vulnerable. While the Giants and Dodgers have certainly issues when it comes to consistency, the Padres have not shown much promise at all. The Padres didn’t start shedding salary at the trade deadline, so the front office must still think that the Padres can contend. What’s been going on? And more importantly, how will this affect their MLB betting lines?

Padres MLB Betting Lines? San Diego’s Big Spendings Not Paying Off


Ian Kennedy has been well below expectations in the rotation. The Padres thought that he would be an integral part of a contending rotation, but he has not done what the team thought, losing key games and developing a ballooning ERA. It would not be surprising to see Kennedy out of the rotation by September, particularly if the front office decides that Kennedy is not part of the plan going forward. They could put him in the bullpen, where he would be an extremely expensive reliever, or they could expose him to waivers and then trade him or release him if he clears. When September 1 comes and rosters expand to 40, it’s likely the Padres will want to let some minor-league prospects take his turn in the rotation, particularly if they don’t make some gains in the standings.

What will the team do with James Shields, then? He bolted from Kansas City after making the 2014 World Series because the Padres offered him a suitcase full of money. Now, that suitcase is turning into a major albatross around the neck of the Padres’ ownership because Shields is already failing to show that same form that made him a dominant member of the Tampa Bay and Kansas City pitching staffs. Now, which team is most likely to get desperate down the stretch and make a bad trade for Shields and put him on the mound for them? That’s right – the New York Yankees are starting to wobble a bit in the East and would be a strong candidate to eat a lot of his salary over the next three seasons.

One reason why the Padres have not played well is the rash of injuries that has hit such players as Wil Myers. His wrist has responded well to surgery, but he still has not yet made his way back into the lineup. A lot of times, players who rush back from wrist injuries end up doing even more damage. This gives the Padres an interesting question – do they bring him back as soon as possible to help with their potential postseason run, or do they put him on the shelf until 2016? That would ensure that he is 100 percent ready to go, but it could also cost the team a shot at that wild card this season.

So will the Padres nab that second wild card? The Giants, Pirates and Nationals are all vying for the two wild card spots as well – and they are playing more consistently than the Padres are this year. It’s unlikely to think that San Diego would take that second spot, but stranger things have happened. If the team can cobble together a couple of good winning streaks, then the whole mood in San Diego might change for the better.