Tampa Bay Rays Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Tampa Bay Rays Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Written by on March 16, 2020

This is a time of real uncertainty in the world of professional sports, with all the major US professional leagues going dark due to the coronavirus scare. While all are listed as postponed rather than cancelled, we still really have no idea how long things will stay dark. The MLB season will, hopefully, go ahead, with prospective start days ranging all the way from early April to early May. We do expect them to play eventually, though, so we are going to set about previewing all the teams, starting with the Tampa Bay Rays. Let’s check the MLB Odds and World Series Odds for the Tampa Bay Rays 2020 Season.

Tampa Bay Rays Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Tampa Bay Rays 2019 Season Performance

The Tampa Bay Rays have been stockpiling prospects for a few seasons now, and it’s safe to say that their process began to pay dividends last season. The Rays ended the year with a 96-66 record to finish second in the AL East. That was good enough to get them into the Wild Card, their first postseason trip since 2013. They won the WC game with a victory over the Oakland A’s. The run in the postseason ended with a 3-2 series loss to the Houston Astros.

It was a fantastic season for the Tampa Bay Rays and one that might just serve as a teaser for what is to come in the next few years. The Rays once again excelled in the pitching stats, surrendering just 656 runs on the season. They were no slouches on the offensive side of things either, hammering home 769 runs over the course of the 2019 season.

The Rays have seen their win total improve with each passing year since 2016, but they are going to need to be very good to get beyond what they did in 2019.

Tampa Bay Rays Offseason Moves

While the Rays would loved to have made just a few minor tweaks to a strong squad, that was not possible. They lost Travis D’Arnaud and Avisail Garcia, while also trading Tommy Pham to San Diego. That is 207 RBI from last season now getting set to play their trade elsewhere. They also shipped out a pitcher and got power-hitter Jose Martinez in return, so the hope is that he will pick up some of the offensive slack. They also spent a ton of money to bring in another big hitter, with Yoshitomo Tsutsugo coming on from Japan. It’s impossible to know what they will get out of him, but if he comes good, it may prove to be a wise investment.

How the Bookies See the Tampa Bay Rays

A lot is going to depend on how the moves that the Rays made in the offseason play out, and whether the pitching staff can continue to deliver the goods as well as they have done over the past couple of seasons. The Rays are likely to play second fiddle to the highly favored Yankees in the AL East, but they are a pretty decent bet there at +400. If you think that this team can pull off something special this season, then you may want to tale a shot at playing them to win the World Series at odds of +1700.