MLB Teams Away Odds Favored August 2015

Biggest MLB Betting Home/Away Splits Entering August 2015

Written by on August 1, 2015

In MLB betting odds, players either play better at home, capitalizing on massive support and familiarity with surroundings, or succeed on the road, as they no longer feel the pressure of being at home and they always go to the away games well-prepared to prove a point against their hosts. Of course, there is the flipside of things where the players fail, irrespective of playing at home or on the road. To find value in MLB betting home/away splits, you have to research on those teams that are good at home but bad on the road, or those that are bad at home and good on the road. Having done all the assessments for you, here are the teams with the best home/away splits, with all stats accurately placed as of August 1, 2015.

A Look at the Biggest MLB Betting Home/Away Splits Entering August 2015

For the teams here, the general betting rule is that you are more likely to get paid on the Moneylines if you bet on them when they are playing at home.

new-york-metsNew York Mets

53-50 overall (36-18 home, 17-32 away)

With a plus betting value of +18 at home against a minus road value of -15, we don’t need to tell you that betting on the New York Mets when they play at Citi Field offers great getting-paid prospects than when they play on the road.

Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles

52-50 overall (31-19 home, 21-31 away)

As per the records above, the Orioles have been very good at home, boasting of a +12 winning value at home, against a -10 winning value on the road.

mlb-betting-toronto-blue-jaysToronto Blue Jays

53-51 overall (31-20 home, 22-31 away)

The value for the Jays is probably not as high of their divisional rivals, the Orioles, but at +11 at home and -9 on the road, it is still sweet enough to get you caked up in a decent way when the Jays are playing at home.

houston astrosHouston Astros

58-46 overall (36-18 home, 22-28 away)

Looking for the secret behind Houston’s surprisingly good season? Here we go… 1) Their solid hitting department has played a key role; 2) Their home dominance has seen them own a +18 winning value at home against a -6 split on the road.

LA dodgersLos Angeles Dodgers

58-45 overall (35-18 home, 23-27 away)

The Los Angeles Angels may have been more dominant in the past seasons, but this year, it is the Dodgers who are the pride of Los Angeles, boasting of a +17 home split value, compared to a -4 mark on the road.

Bad Home, Good Road

Obviously, playing on the road is never easy with a range of factors like unfriendly fans to bad food contributing to poor performances. Still, the following teams have been able to hack the competition on the road to beat the MLB odds, so better watch out for them when they play away from home.

cleveland-indians-logoCleveland Indians

48-54 overall, (20-32 home, 28-22 away)

Like the native Red Indians who’ve historically dominated every place they’ve migrated to, the Cleveland Indians have been road Kings, owning a +6 split value on the road, compared to a pathetic -12 mark on the road.

texas rangers logoTexas Rangers

50-52 overall, (19-28 home, 31-24 away)

As the only team in baseball to have won 30-plus road wins, the Rangers should be proud of doing something that not even the Cardinals or Chiefs have done this season. To affirm their road dominance, they own a +7 value on the road, against a -9 mark at home.

Noteworthy Betting Remarks

It is worth stating that there are teams that have been doing well enough at home as well as on the road, no wander they’ve had success, despite not having stretchy home/away splits. Expectedly, this group of teams is led by the Royals and Cardinals, who currently lead their respective leagues. The Royals are 61-41 overall (34-18 home for, 27-23 away) with values of +16 and +4 at home and away, respectively; while the Cardinals are 66-37 overall (39-15 home, 27-22 away) for values of +14 at home and +5 on the road.
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