Leake Mike - Top 2015 Deadline Trades For Fantasy MLB Betting

Top 2015 Deadline Trades For Fantasy MLB Betting

Written by on August 3, 2015

The head-splitting drama dubbed the MLB Trade Deadline is soundly tucked in the books, but noise from it is far from over. As a matter of fact, the aftermath of the trades is what makes up for the best baseball betting fodder, and as your preferred feeders, we are not going to let you starve of the juicy details. If you are a Fantasy MLB betting fanatic, feel free to bite as much as you can from the succulent list of biggest deadline trades, specifically served in fantasy terms.

Top 2015 Deadline Trades For Fantasy MLB Betting

Cole Hamels

Hamels has been a rare talent and him playing for the underwhelming Phillies was a pure waste of his talent. Fresh off giving his hearty thanks to the Philly fans, and now with Rangers, a team that is still in the running for a playoff spot in the American League, Hamels should be motivated for a stronger performance, which should transform into good value for fantasy bettors.

Mat Latos

Even before making his trade from Miami to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mat Latos already had his fantasy stock progressively climbing up, so his value should continue going up. At face value, his 4.48 ERA, 1.25 WHIP and a 4-7 record may look pretty ordinary, I agree. But when you dig deeper, you’ll definitely want to add Latos to your roster. Notably, in the 2014 season, Latos was bothered by elbow and knee injuries, which found their way into his 2015 season. In essence, that’s the reason he has only 16 starts to his name in 2015 and had to be placed on the disabled list on May 22 due to an inflammation in his left knee.

But since returning from injury on June 13, Latos has been in a different class altogether, cranking up the heat for a 2.96 ERA and 0.92 WHIP, with 43 batters being whiffed in his 45 2/3 innings. Not to mention, his lower leg injuries are gone, thanks to the miraculous rehab he had when on the disabled list. Resultantly, his average fastball velocity of 91.7 MPH prior to being on the D-list is now up to 93.4 MPH. If all that is not good enough for you, then I don’t what else will be able to help you and your roster.

Alex Wood and Johnny Cueto

Alex Wood joining the Dodgers and Cueto joining the Royals are more-or-less similar cases like those of Hamels and Latos, where the pitchers have moved from struggling teams to those with a lot of winning potential. It’s hard to see Wood and Cueto improving much on their numbers from their previous their teams (on issues like WHIP and ERA) as they were already doing their best in such aspects. Even so, joining teams with better balance on both sides of the field should encourage an increase in their stocks in regards to securing more wins regularly.

Hector Olivera

Even with concerns about his sore hamstring, and the reality that that Braves had to pay heavily for his services, Olivera is good enough to hit solidly for the team with some double power. That should be able to see an up-rise in his numbers, while helping Atlanta to gain offensive consistency and crank up its attacking numbers that have been shaky in the recent past.

Mike Leake

Leake is no Cueto or David Price, but he is a player with so many upsides that are likely to make him a perfect fit in his new San Francisco home. As a respected pitcher that has been consistently on the come-up, posting such amazing numbers in his last five games, it would be a miss for you if you don’t have him in your roster. Oh, and don’t forget that the Giants are still one the best teams in the nation, giving you a chance to ride with Leake all the way to the moon!

Honorable Mentions in Top 2015 MLB Deadline Trades For Fantasy MLB Bettors: Dustin Ackley (New York Yankees), Jonathan Papelbon (Washington), Daniel Norris (Detroit), and Ben Revere (Toronto).

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