Top MLB ATS Expert Picks of the Weekend

Top MLB ATS Expert Picks of the Weekend

Written by on August 19, 2016

We are on the brink of another big weekend of baseball action, which means multiple opportunities to wager and win some money. We have already covered some potential parlay and SU picks for the coming weekend, so now it’s time to take a look at some big winners against the spread. Taking a look at the run differentials of each team, as well as their average runs for an against during the season should help us identify some winners this weekend. Rather than going with individual games, let’s instead take a look at some series that could provide some ATS betting winners this weekend. The good news is that there are a few that fit the bill. Take a look at the pitching match-ups throughout the weekend in order to narrow down those betting options. And don’t forget to check out for more MLB odds by clicking here.

Here’s a Closer Look At The Top MLB ATS Expert Picks of the Weekend


Chicago Cubs Vs Colorado Rockies

The ball has a habit of flying out of the park when games are played in Colorado, and at the moment, the Chicago Cubs are knocking the cover off the ball. There is a better than average chance that they are going to seriously light things up this weekend. It should also be noted that they have an average winning margin of 1.7 runs per game, whereas the Rockies, who are also in the positive, are at +0.1. Look for the Cubs to win big this weekend, with Friday perhaps the best bet.

Washington Nationals Vs Atlanta Braves

The Nationals and Braves have already played one game in this 4-game weekend series, and it was Washington who came away with a comfortable 8-2 win. This could very well be the trend for the entire weekend, especially if you take their averages into account. Washington are second only to the Cubs in average winning margin at +1.2. The Braves are sitting at the bottom of the pack with a -1.2 margin, and that could very well mean a long weekend for Atlanta.

St. Louis Cardinals Vs Philadelphia Phillies

These are two teams heading in very different directions at the moment, and they are as far apart in average winning margin as they are in total wins and losses. The cardinals are still very much in a battle for the Wild Card spot in the National League, while the Philadelphia Phillies are looking down the barrel of another miserable season. You could really pick any of their weekend games and come up with a win in favor of the Cards, although my money would be on Saturday.

LA Dodgers Vs Cincinnati Reds

After spending a large portion of the season chasing down the San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers have finally taken the lead in the NL West, and they will be looking to cement that this weekend when they take on the struggling Cincinnati Reds. The Dodgers have an average winning margin of +0.6, while the Reds are in the red at -1.0. This looks to be a mismatch of the highest order, and while I like the Dodgers to sweep, I would take those ATS on Friday.
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