MLB Betting Update on This Week's Draft Gossip

MLB Betting Update on This Week’s Draft Gossip

Written by on June 9, 2015

As the MLB amateur draft takes place, it’s important to take note of the latest news and gossip that the teams are broadcasting (and leaking as well). Let’s look at some of the most recent pieces of information to hit MLB betting fans interest.

Taking a Look at the MLB Betting Update on This Week’s Draft Gossip

With the United States moving toward more normalized relations with Cuba, more and more Cuban baseball players may heading north to the riches of big league baseball. Brothers Lourdes and Yulieski Gourriel are ranked #4 and #1 among all of the Cuban prospects, but they have yet to make any sort of public declaration of their interest in heading north. However, when the Cuban national team plays in the Pan American Games, those two will not be present. Lourdes didn’t make the national roster, which was surprising in itself, but Yulieski apparently has taken his name off the list as well. Also, both brothers declined a chance to play in a tournament in Japan – which would have brought some significant money. They’re kind of in a holding pattern – with no new information coming out.

Cuban outfielder Eddy Julio Martinez has been declared a free agent – and has become the #1 international prospect on’s list. It remains to be seen whether Martinez is going to sign during this period or wait until the next one that opens July 2, but if he’s going to the Angels or Yankees, he has to do so quickly, because they’ll only have $300,000 to spend after the July 2 class comes to an end. These are among the few teams in which Sanchez has indicated an interest.

A couple of other interesting trends in the MLB amateur draft have emerged in recent years. One example is that the number of pitchers continues to go up. There isn’t much primo talent in the current class, but some teams, such as the Rangers (who will pick fourth overall) will follow their recent trend of piling up arms in their minor league system. The Diamondbacks have tended to focus on adding position players, but their whole front office staff is new this year. Another trend is that the percentage of players taken when coming in from high school, which had dropped in recent years, is working its way back up. The Blue Jays and Red Sox are two teams that have started drafting more high school players, which come with more risk but also often have more potential upside. The Nationals have tended to choose the most college players.

Another important piece of information has to do with bonus allocations, which are accompanied by the specter of significant limitations in upcoming drafts. These have delivered a significant impact on the amount that clubs will commit for talent eligible for the draft. Over the past three seasons, spending in the draft has stayed fairly constant over the past three seasons as increases in spending have taken place in the free agent market instead. There are a lot of different factors that go into this trend, including the relative degree of talent in the draft class as supposed to the available free agents on the market, team needs, perceptions about the commitment of different teams to adding quality to the roster, and attempts to build a winner for the short term than over the long haul. It is extremely rare for even the most talented players can step onto the field in the first season or two and contribute to the success of the major league team. Instead, these top prospects need development in the minor leagues and either serve the big club as a trade chip or, eventually a field contributor. That blend will continue to drive interest in this year’s draft and free agency class.

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