MLB Editorial: Who Will Spend Big In The 2015 Trade Deadline?

Written by on July 23, 2015

By next Friday July 31st, the much-anticipated 2015 MLB Trade Deadline will be in full throttle. That’s when you will hear reports of a prized free agent like Cole Hamels being “authoritatively” linked with number of suitors like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and maybe even the Arizona Diamondbacks, just to mess with our heads. And as usual, Twitter updates, Facebook photos and Instagrams will get insane with every nearly 20 browsing tabs opened our computers as we seek to get timely updates. Pathetic? Probably! Worth the time of MLB betting fans? Most definitely!All that is, however, a week from now. So in the meantime, let’s wet our appetite for the big day by checking out the teams that have the highest stakes in MLB Trade Line, hence are expected to spend heavily, as they seek to strengthen their performance in the season to win titles in 2015.

MLB Betting Editorial: Who Will Spend Big In The 2015 Trade Deadline?


New York Yankees (51-41, 1st in AL East)

The Yankees will need to break the tradition of conservative spending in the MLB trade deadline if they are to gain advantage in the four-team clog of contention for the AL East title. Be it Jeff Samardzija or Johnny Cueto, be sure that New York GM Brian Cashman will be raining cash…man!

Los Angeles Angels (53-40, 1st in AL West)

The Angels haven’t talked much about upgrading their team in a big way during the MLB trade deadline, partly because the team is rather balanced, except for a bit of some need in the starting pitching. However, as they seek to fend off competition from the Astros, it would not be a surprise if they decided to make a blockbuster trade for more depth in the team.

Los Angeles Dodgers (53-42, NL West)

As winners of the last two NL West divisional titles and the current leaders in the division, the pressure is on the Dodgers to not only claim the title once again, but to also make a deep run in this year’s playoffs, unlike the disappointing playoff campaign in 2014. The current blend of talent in the team is probably good enough to see them reclaim the NL West title. However, in order to ensure that they have sufficient depth for the postseason games, the team urgently needs to add a third starter behind Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, a need that can only be addressed by a big-time deal for a proven starter.

Washington Nationals (50-42, 1st in NL East)

Unlike most teams in this list, the Nationals already have an abundance of talent on both sides of the field, courtesy of a bevy of trades made in the preseason. For the defending NL East Champs, it is thus just a matter of the talented players living up to the expectations and all will be well for them. But like a modern-day spoilt brat that has seven smartphones, but still stands first in line for the latest model of Samsung Galaxy, expect the Nationals (who spending big is never an issue to them) not to left out in the Trade Deadline in dealing for some eye-raising Major League talent at a hefty price.

Houston Astros (52-43, 2nd in AL West)

After looking almost invincible at the start of the season, the Astros have been suffering losses at a frightening rate, thanks to their lacking rotation. With the Angels winged atop the AL West division, two games ahead of the Astros, Houston will need to get back to its winning groove very soon. And just about the only way they can do that with immediacy is retooling their team with another starting pitcher, something that will probably necessitate big spending.

New York Mets (49-45, 2nd in NL East)

Arguably having the best season since winning the NL East title in 2006, the Mets are desperate to make their efforts culminate into something memorable, possibly helping them earn silverware for their trophy cabinet. Signing huge is therefore more of a fundamental need than just a necessity.

Toronto Blue Jays (48-47, 2nd in the AL East)

With over 20 years of title drought for the Blue Jays, the opportunity to erase that piece of history could not come at a better time for the in 2015. However, for all their strength in the nation as the best offensive team, the Jays have a middling pitching department that needs major overhauls if the dream of claiming a divisional pennant is to be realized. After Toronto general manager Alex Anthopoulos recently admitted that the team needs to improve its rotation and the bullpen urgently, expect Toronto to go it hard and deep in the Trade Deadline in the bid to land some upgrades, possibly contending for starters like Johnny Cueto (Reds), Matt Garza (Brewers) or even Mat Latos (Marlins). And to solve the need for a legitimate closer, expect them to foray into the market for the likes of Craig Kimbrel, Tyler Clippard and Francisco Rodriguez.Other Teams Expected to Splash Money on the Trade Deadline: Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay