Cage Warriors: The Trilogy Analysis - MMA Betting

Cage Warriors: The Trilogy Analysis – MMA Betting

Written by on September 14, 2020

For the sports and leagues that have returned to action, we have seen a few different approaches. Most have tried to ease gently back into action, allowing athletes some time to adjust. The world of MMA is a totally different beast, though, as they have decided to go for it in a big way. The UFC went the Fight Island route and is back to a weekly schedule, but Cage Warriors may well be making the boldest return of all. More than 60 fighters will assemble in the BEC Arena in Manchester England for The Trilogy. In simple terms, it will be 3 straight nights of action featuring the best fighters on the Cage Warriors roster. The action begins on Thursday, September 24 and ends on Saturday, September 26. Let’s take a look at each night individually to see what’s on tap so you can wager on their Cage Warrior odds.

Cage Warriors: The Trilogy | What to Expect

We should start this out by letting you know how to actually watch these fights. The prelim fights can be seen on the Cage Warriors website at, while a UFC Fight Pass subscription gets you access to everything.

Cage Warriors 114 – Thursday

It all begins on Thursday with a great looking main card that has 5 fights to choose from. The headline bout there is a Flyweight title fight between the champion Samir Faiddine and Luke Shanks.

The champ is the more experienced of the two, but Shanks is coming into this one on a 3-fight win streak that has earned him a shot. You can’t get much better than a title fight to get an event of this magnitude rolling, but there is still a whole lot more to come.

Cage Warriors 115 – Friday

Cage Warriors are upping the ante on Friday night, bringing a pair of title fights to the octagon on another 5-fight main card. One thing to keep in mind here is that a strong showing at The Trilogy could mean an invitation to fight under the UFC banner, with the guys in the title fights at the top of the list with a shot at moving up.

The first big bout of the night is a Middleweight Title Fight between Nathias Frederick, who is the champion, and Jamie Richardson. After losing his first 2 fights as a pro, Frederick has now gone unbeaten in 9, with 8 wins and a draw. Richards has won 3 in a row, including a pair of KO wins, so he is certainly on a run of form that merits him a title shot.

We also have a Bantamweight Title Bout between champion Jack Cartwright, who will be up against Gerardo Fanny. Cartwright is a perfect 8-0 and might be ready for a move to the UFC with a win here. Fanny is 9-1 and making the move to Cage Warriors after bouncing around other places.

Cage Warriors 116- Saturday

The highlight of the 5-fight main card on Saturday are a pair of fights for vacant titles. The first of those will see Frenchman Morgan Charriere go against Max Coga for the Featherweight Title Fight. Charriere comes in with a 15-7-1 career mark and a 2-fight win streak. Coga, who has been fighting with GMC, comes in at 22-6-1, while also winning each of his last 2 fights.

Next up is a battle for the vacant Featherweight Title, with Mason Jones and Adam Proctor going head to head. Jones is a perfect 9-0 coming into this fight, but this may be hos toughest battle yet. Adam Proctor is 12-1 and comes in on a 7-fight win streak.

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