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NBA Betting Predictions: A Look at Baron Davis’ Improbable Comeback

Written by on August 3, 2015

Yes, the NBA betting news you’ve recently heard about him are true, former Knicks guard Baron Davis is attempting to make an NBA comeback, unlikely as it seems for the move to go through. “This is the first time I’m going to put myself out there,” said Davis on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “I’m going to try out for some teams.” The 36-year-old guard, who played 13 years in the league, decently averaged 16.1 PPG and 7.2 APG while playing for six different teams. His most notable of those seasons came in his time as a Hornet during the 2003-2004 season where, as a 24-year-old, he posted a career-high 22.9 PPG and 7.5 assists. Unfortunately, he suffered a partial tear of the patella tendon in his right knee and also had tears in his right MCL and ACL on May 6, 2012, during the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. His contribution in that game helped the Knicks to secure their first playoff victory since 2001, but it came at a heavy price, as he never returned to the NBA ever since the incident.

NBA Betting Predictions: A Look at Baron Davis’ Improbable Comeback

Outside the his memorable 2003-04 season, Davis later enjoyed back-to-back productive seasons with the Warriors (in 2005-06 and 2006-07 campaigns), as he averaged more than 20 points per game in each of those seasons. His numbers, however, took a dip after that, culminating in the 2011-12 season that saw him average just 6.1 points and 4.7 assists for the Knicks in 29 games on a limited role, before getting injured in the playoffs. With a career that was already dipping before the injuries, many questions have been rightfully asked, enquiring about what the aged guard would be able to offer to any team. “At his age and with so much time off, it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to make much of an impact on the court in 2015,” said ProBasketballTalk’s Sean Highkin in regards to the lingering concerns. “But if a team is looking for a veteran presence and an insurance policy at point guard for the end of the bench, there are plenty of worse options out there.” From our side of assessments, we can’t tell much about Davis and the kind of numbers he would bring to any team. But with several veterans, including Paul Pierce and Tim Duncan, already enjoying reverence and good-enough production in the league, it would be unfair to close out the door on the two-time All-Star without giving him the chance for tryouts.

Reported Interests on Davis

According to respected NBA writer and informant Mike Ortiz Jr., the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers have authoritatively been reported to be among the early teams that are said to show interest in giving the veteran a chance. A series of tweets have also emerged from other quarters, including the NBA, Roger Greene, and the Chicago Bulls Rumors linking Davis with potential interests from the Cavs and most popularly, the Chicago Bulls. Expectedly, the world of Twitter and other informational sources will soon be giving us a clear picture of whether Baron Davis will indeed get his chance to return to the NBA. As earlier mentioned, it all looks unlikely, but with the precedence of such similar moves existing in the past, it would not be a surprise if Davis found his way back to the game he loves dearly. Sources: ( (
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