Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard - Best Brawls in History According To NBA Betting Fans

Best Brawls in History According To NBA Betting Fans

Written by on September 7, 2015

From individual players going for each other’s necks, to teams participating in brawls, the NBA has been full of fights in its years of existence. Last season we witnessed the NBA issuing several penalties for brawls, including the famous incident between Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard (you can watch that here). Garnett suffered a one match suspension with no pay for his head butt on Howard, while Howard was fined $15,000. In some instances, players simply flip and turn violent, but in others, it is usually a case of pure malice or hatred. Here are some of the noteworthy brawls in history and our NBA betting fans favorites:

Best Brawls in History According To NBA Betting Fans


Marcus Camby vs. Danny Ferry

The then New York Knicks center Marcus Camby was engaged in a heated one with Danny Ferry of the San Antonio Spurs. Camby, not willing to let things cool off, took a full court dash towards the Spurs bench unleashing a monster haymaker in Ferry’s direction. The hilarious result was that Camby missed Ferry, only to catch Jeff Van Gundy, who was innocently trying to play the mediator.

Alonzo Mourning vs. Larry Johnson

You can never find a better fight than these two former teammates squaring it out in Madison Square Garden. The most hilarious part is that a lot of punches were being thrown, but very few landed. Considering that two giants in Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson were the ones throwing, it is even more hilarious, although much more damage could have occurred had most of them landed. The most outstanding part of the brawl was when the former New York Knicks’ head coach Jeff Van Gundy came flying in from the bench to wrap a Miami Heat player with his legs.

Shaquille O’Neal vs. Charles Barkley

The two may have worked together at TNT, but back then, you could not refer to them as friends. Wearing the great Huston Rockets jersey of the 90s, Charles was drawn into a heated exchange with the then Los Angeles Lakers player Shaq. Charles may want to consider himself as a tough nut in terms of brawls, but his pick was not right this time. He escaped as the two fell down after getting entangled before Shaq could maul.

Chris Childs vs. Kobe Bryant

Another among the greatest players to have graced the game is Kobe Bryant, but even the greatest get outmatched at times. Chris Childs cannot stand before Kobe in terms of game, but he can really throw some punches. He unleashed two punches onto the chin of Kobe. When Kobe will be presenting his awards to his grandchildren, no doubt Childs will be presenting this to his own.

Julius Erving vs. Larry Bird

The fights seem even fiercer when legends get down to it, like this instance when Larry Bird and Julius Erving clashed at the Boston Garden. In a heated battle, Bird and Erving were entangled down court. The brawl broke out when Bird came from the ground and flipped out on Erving. The end was Erving providing some ruthless punches on Bird, assisted by his teammates in a memorable clash.

Denver Nuggets vs. New York Knicks

One of the craziest brawls in the history of the NBA involved Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith, before they played for the New York Knicks. With almost a minute and fifteen seconds left till the end of the game, Knicks’ guard Mardy Collins released a hard foul on Smith on the hard break. This became ugly as it ended in a brawl that extended even to the stands. What was witnessed was one of NBA’s hottest fights, featuring young players releasing a series of punches on Collins jaw and taking off. Sources ( (
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