Could Carmelo Become The Knicks’ Kobe In Online Betting?

Could Carmelo Become The Knicks’ Kobe In Online Betting?

Written by on August 17, 2015

If you’re a New York Knicks fan and you choose them in online betting too, then you might be a little upset about the way that Carmelo Anthony’s performance has turned out for you. After all, the team brought Phil Jackson to town to save the franchise, but he hasn’t yet. Jackson’s big contribution to basketball is the Triangle Offense, which he built around two of the best perimeter scorers of all time: Michael Jordan in Chicago, and Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles.

Could Carmelo Become The Knicks’ Kobe In Online Betting?


Now, in New York, his task is to do the same with Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks will have Anthony with them for the next four years, thanks to that titanic five-year, $124 million deal they gave him. He has only played one season of the deal and is under contract through 2017-2018. The last year is a player option, which tells you that the Knicks are paying him to be the heart of the team. As Charley Rosen of ESPN puts it, Jackson believes that Carmelo can turn into the latest edition of Jordan and Bryant in that same offense. He feels that Anthony is a natural leader, believes in the triangle and has better players around him than Jordan and Bryant did.

With Jackson, Bryant won five NBA titles. With Jackson, Jordan won six NBA titles. With Bryant, Kobe had a low-high balance on the team, even though he was the go-to player. Can Kristaps Porzingis, though, keep that same role for Anthony? Without Pau Gasol down low, that Triangle would not have worked for Kobe. Jordan didn’t have an elite performer on the inside, but he did have Hall of Fame winger Scottie Pippen on the team when things really started to take off. The Bulls also had Dennis Rodman patrolling the interior, keeping people off the glass.

Porzingis is only 20 years old, which means that he’s awfully fresh to be taking on that kind of pressure. If the Knicks can put together the right approach to free agency and keep Carmelo happy and healthy, though, the Knicks should start to turn things around sooner than later. It’s true that 2015-16 is not likely to be a year of contending for the Knicks. However, this should be a year of improvement as the team starts to put the Triangle Offense to work for them. They will also get a sense of whether Anthony is the right player to lead them into their next era of greatness. This means that the pressure is on in New York City, starting with Jackson and working all the way down.

The Knicks haven’t always been a team that was at best mediocre. During their early runs to the title, the Bulls had as one of their big foils that Knick team led by Patrick Ewing in the middle. Since then, though, fortune has not been kind to the Big Apple’s franchise. Hopefully for Knicks fans (and for Phil Jackson) he can work a Triangle miracle yet a third time in Gotham. If not, the team will have a huge albatross of a contract around its collective neck.


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