Coronavirus (COVID-19) NBA Update – Feb. 18th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) NBA Update – Feb. 18th Edition

The Spurs must postpone games, Cleveland looks to trade it’s best player, and the Jazz continue to play sweet, winning music. Check out the latest NBA news in our weekly update so you can continue betting against their NBA odds.

NBA COVID-19 Update – February 18th Edition

2020-2021 NBA Season

  • When: Dec. 22, 2020 – May 16, 2021

2020-21 NBA Championship Odds

  • L.A. Lakers +200
  • L.A. Clippers +500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +600
  • Golden State Warriors +5500
  • Boston Celtics +1600
  • Brooklyn Nets +350
  • Miami Heat +3000
  • Toronto Raptors +6000
  • Denver Nuggets +1800
  • Houston Rockets +12500
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1100
  • Dallas Mavericks +4000
  • Portland Trail Blazers +5000
  • New Orleans Pelicans +9000
  • Utah Jazz +1000
  • Phoenix Suns +4000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +20000
  • Atlanta Hawks +10000
  • Chicago Bulls +30000
  • Indiana Pacers +5000
  • Memphis Grizzlies +12000
  • Washington Wizards +30000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +50000
  • Orlando Magic +25000
  • Sacramento Kings +15000
  • San Antonio Spurs +9000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +30000
  • Detroit Pistons +50000
  • New York Knicks +15000
  • Charlotte Hornets +20000

Four San Antonio Spurs test positive for COVID

On February 16, the National Basketball Association released a statement saying they were postponing the Spurs next three games. The schedule called for San Antonio to play the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, the New York Knicks on Saturday, and the Indiana Pacers on Monday.

The league didn’t release the name of the players who tested positive. Gregg Popovich and his squad must wait until Feb. 24 for their next game. 

The postponements bring the total this season to 29. Although a bummer, no postponements have affected the play on the court. For that, all us basketball fans should be grateful. 

Cavaliers looking to move Andre Drummond

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to move Andre Drummond while they believe he still garners value. Stats don’t suggest that any team sees value in Drummond.

At one time, the Cav’s big man was the best rebounder in the NBA. He was so talented at cleaning the glass that in some games, he outrebounded entire teams.

Drummond still averages a double-double, but the Cavaliers are a disaster with him. One of the problems? He shoots 48% from the field. Sounds great, but the league average for centers is 58% from 2-point range. 

Not only that but Andre’s salary makes it almost impossible to make a trade. The Boston Celtics could. Do they require Drummond’s services, though?

We’ll see if any team bites on the Cavaliers’ carrot. If they don’t, Cleveland may have to decide on another way to send Drummond packing. 

Jazz continue to dominate good teams

Utah is 23-5 because they’re the best team in the NBA. The Lakers are good, right? Utah is dominant.

Coach Quinn Snyder has built a team with zero faults. Sure, you can say like Chuck Barkley did recently that Donovan Mitchell isn’t on the superstar level. Just because you say it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Donovan averages 24.2 points, 4.3 boards, and 5.1 assists per. Those are superstar stats, Chuck.

Rudy Gobert averages a double-double. Gobert drops 14 points and grabs 13 boards each game. He’s also one of the best defensive centers, if not the best, in the league. Rudy averages 2.8 blocks each game.

The bench is deep. Jordan Clarkson dropped 40 from the bench against the 76ers in a 134-123 victory. All five Jazz starters in that game, Royce O’Neale, Bojan Bogdanovic, Joe Ingles, Gobert and Mitchell, scored in double-figures.

Mike Conley didn’t play, and the Jazz whipped the Sixers. Heading into their Wednesday game against the Clippers, Utah has won five straight versus the Pacers, the Celtics, the Bucks, the Heat, and the 76ers. 

Yep. Best team in the NBA.   

Expect NBA Title odds to shift if major deals happen before the trade deadline

The NBA Trade Deadline doesn’t happen for another 5 weeks. Before the deadline, expect at least one huge trade. 

Borderline contenders like the Suns, Pacers, and scorching Portland Trail Blazers will want to make moves that take them a step further to the NBA Finals. All three squads have most of the pieces. They require that one extra piece to get them over the hump.

Expect Phoenix, Portland, or Indiana to make a big trade in the next few weeks. Maybe, all three will pull a trigger on a trade.


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