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NBA Betting Preview: Top Uniform Changes for 2015-16

Written by on October 28, 2015

One of the coolest things about the NBA these days is that there are more and more uniform ideas than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome changes to come this year NBA betting fans.
The New York Knicks are bringing out a terrific throwback from the 1950s for some games this season. That old striping should take you back to clips from Hoosiers and the like:
The throwback rage continues down the road in Philly, as the 76ers have come out with a very sharp uniform set that evokes the glory days of the ABA:
The Milwaukee Bucks have gone through a complete uniform redesign. What’s come out is minimalistic in design, but that seems to be the trend – and it’s a welcome change from that zany purple stuff they had a few years ago:
However, the coolest thing the Bucks did was add this black alternate jersey – and even an alternate COURT:
Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert had some fun with his fans, sending out a tweet that teased these three as possible alternative jerseys for this season:
The one on the left isn’t AWFUL, but let’s be honest – we’re glad none of these are showing up on the court this year. However, what the Cavs are rolling out looks pretty cool:
When it comes to throwback, you can’t go further back than Hoosiers itself – and that’s what the Pacers are going to do several games this season:
The Washington Wizards are paying tribute to their ABA days as the Baltimore Bullets with these “racing stripe” uniforms:
The Golden State Warriors are bringing back those terrific “The City” designs as one oft heir throwback options. The streetcar on the back is one of the coolest touches.
Memphis is getting in on the throwback option. Obviously their franchise isn’t that old, so they’re reaching back to the ABA’s Memphis Sounds this year for five games:
It’s been more than a year since the Dallas Mavericks showed their “skyline” alternate jerseys, and they will be on display this year:
If you like those old ABA and 80s NBA graphics, then you’ll enjoy what the Denver Nuggets will be rolling with on alternate uniform nights:
The Oklahoma City Thunder will have FIVE different looks this year:
That’s plenty of new looks – and plenty of new revenue for the NBA!

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