7 Must-Have Tips To Master Your 2018 March Madness Betting

7 Must-Have Tips To Master Your 2018 March Madness

Written by on March 7, 2018

If spring is in the air, then that must mean that the start of March Madness isn’t far behind! With the 2018 college basketball championship tournament set to get underway in approximately one week, college hoops bettors need as much expert betting information as possible. Thankfully, that’s where I come in! Thanks to the seven must-have tips to mastering March Madness betting, you’re going to be able to maximize your chances of cashing in early and often over the course of this year’s national championship tournament. Okay, let’s get busy before someone tries to throw up a jump-ball or something!

7 Must-Have Tips To Master Your 2018 March Madness Betting

1. One and….Literally Done!

Did you know hat no team has ever won the NCAA title after losing its opening-round conference tournament game. That’s a serious one-and-done and not in a a good way!

2. Four Score!

No, this isn’t about Abe Lincoln’s famous four score and seven years ago speech. it’s about finding a value-packed First Four underdog! A First Four team has reached the round of 32 in all six years of the format and at least one First Four team has been to the Sweet 16 in three of the past six years.

3. We’re No. 1!

A No. 1 seed has won seven of the last 10 national championships and 12 of the last 18. Sure, they may not be offering a ton of value as a favorite in almost every game, but you should know that at least one No. 1 has made the Final Four every year except 1980, 2006 and 2011.

4. We’d All Like to Be Like Wooden!

While every basketball coach aspires to be like the legendary John Wooden, we know that’s not going to happen. Still, you should know that head coaches that have been to the Final Four before have won an amazing 15 of the last 17 championships and 24 of the last 29 overall.

Will these tips give you an edhe in your 2018 March Madness betting?

5. How Low can You Go?

Don’t be afraid to back a lower seeded team to rise up and smack the hell out of a bunch of unsuspecting higher seeds on the way to a Final Four appearance – it happens more than you think. Seven teams seeded 7 or lower have made the Final Four since 2011. Plus, those lower seeds are often offering a huge financial return as underdogs. 67 percent of all March Madness upsets are pulled off by 10, 11 or 12 seeds. At least two double-digit seeds have reached the Sweet 16 in 16 of the past 20 years.

6. The Dogs Are Off the Leash!

Go ahead and pick a smaller conference team to win it all if you like. Just know that teams from the ‘Big Dog’ conferences are most likely to cut down the championship nets when it’s all said and done! The ACC has produced more Sweet 16 teams in the past four seasons than any other conference (14). Since 2013: the Big Ten has produced a dozen Sweet 16 teams, the Pac-12 (9), Big 12 (8) and SEC (6). Believe it or not, the Big Ten hasn’t won the national title since 2000. The Pac-12 hasn’t won a title since 1997.

7. Always Say Never!

No. 16 seeds are 0-128 all-time against No. 1s. If you’re thinking ‘this could be the year’ it happens for a No. 16 seed – just stop – please!

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