Early 2015 March Madness Betting Picks

Early 2015 March Madness Betting Picks

Written by on January 26, 2015

While we have now passed the halfway point of the college basketball season, there are a lot of games still to be played before we get to the tournament. Teams that are hot right now might not be that way come March, and there are also sure to be a couple of teams that get hot at just the right time in preparation for a big run. A lot can change, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t check out who is starting to look like a March Madness betting favorite at this stage of the season.

Early March Madness Betting Picks

Kentucky Wildcats

It’s no real surprise that Kentucky are pretty much the favorites across the board. The top-ranked Wildcats are 19-0 right now, and appear to be rolling. One little item that may be of some concern is that their offensive output has dropped in each of their last 4 consecutive games (86, 70, 65, 58). That said, they really haven’t had to score big in any of those games, as they were all comfortable wins.

Virginia Cavaliers

The Virginia Cavaliers (19-0, 7-0) are right behind Kentucky, both in the rankings and the betting. You can get them at around 15/2 at the moment, but expect that line to drop if they continue to go unbeaten. With two unbeaten teams at the top, it’s pretty obvious that they would be the clear favorites, but after those two is where the rea discussions really start to take place.

Duke Blue Devils

You can never count out Duke, especially with Coach Mike Krzyzewski at the helm. Coach K just picked up his 1,000th career win, but more importantly his Duke Blue Devils are at 17-2 after bouncing back from back to back ACC conference losses versus North Carolina State and Miami. There are many that feel this team is too inexperienced to go all the way, but the Coach K factor always makes them a contender.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are on a 13-game win streak and are the top-ranked team in the nation in field goal percentage. This is a team that can score from all over the court, and they could be a very good bet at their current odds of 10/1. Arizona and Wisconsin are sitting right behind them at 12/1, with both of them jumping ahead of Villanova in the early betting. The Wildcats looked like a solid bet until their loss to Georgetown shone a light on some of their deficiencies. It’s going to be interesting to see how they bounce back from that, and if they can improve on their current 25/1 odds.
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