Unranked Teams as Possible 2018 March Madness Betting Darlings

Unranked Teams as Possible 2018 March Madness Darlings

Written by on March 6, 2018

When March Madness is over, only one team will have risen to the top to become the National Champion in college basketball. Given how this season has gone, it’s more than fair to say that we are going to be heading into the tournament with no clear favorite standing out. There are a handful of teams with a legitimate shot at winning it all, but there are also a few fringe teams who might head into the tournament and do some damage. It is those unheralded, unranked schools that we are going to be looking at here. Things may change once the final bracket is released on Selection Sunday, Match 11, but for now, we have 4 unranked teams that might make some noise once the March Madness betting action begins.

Unranked Teams as Possible 2018 March Madness Betting Darlings

Missouri TigersThe SEC was brutal this year, with only 6 of the 14 teams finishing with a conference record above .500. The Missouri Tigers were one of those teams, and they landed in that spot by finishing the regular season strong, winning 7 of their last 10 games.If you look at some of the bracket projections that are being released, you see that the Tigers are likely to land a #8 or #9 seed in their part of the draw. I think that seeding will give them a decent shot at getting out of the first round and then potentially into the Sweet Sixteen. After that, who knows?

Providence Friars

The Providence Friars finished the regular season with a 19-12 record, and while they were more than a little inconsistent coming down the stretch, they are still a team that has shown that they can spring the upset.They have massive wins over Xavier and Villanova this season, the later of which was enough to drop Villanova out of the #1 ranking earlier in the year. Their end of season form is a bit worrisome, but if they can get out of the first round, they could have an upset or two up their sleeve for the big guns.

Florida State Seminoles

Which unranked teams could be safe bets in March Madness?You can look at the Seminoles 9-9 record in the ACC and write them off, but this is a conference that was totally stacked this season. Florida State had 7 wins against teams in the RPI 1-50 category this season, proving that they are more than capable of going out and beating very good teams.They are not particularly solid on the defensive side of the court, but average 82 PPG on offense, so they certainly have more than enough firepower to go toe to toe with any team. The Seminoles might just get hot at the right time.

Texas A&M Aggies

The Aggies finished 20-11 on the season and 9-9 in conference play, and they had some pretty big wins along the way, including 7 against RPI 1-50 teams and 5 more against RPI 51-100 teams. They finished the regular season in good form, too, reeling off three straight and winning 7 of their last 10.They closed out the regular season with a win over Alabama and will play them again on Thursday in the SEC tournament. You like them to get the win there, which could potentially put them in a position to win that tournament. Momentum heading into the tournament is big, and the Aggies might just have it.