2014 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Overview

2014 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Overview

Written by on December 8, 2014

When it was announced that there would be a college football playoff, and that real humans would be choosing the final 4 as opposed to the usual computers, there was a great deal of excitement among college football betting fans  The feeling was that much of the controversy that had plagued the BCS system would be gone, but try telling that to TCU and Baylor.

Our Insider’s Review of the 2014 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Scene

Before the Championship Game weekend began, TCU were sitting at #3 in the playoff poll, with most believing that a win for the Horned Frogs in the Big-12 Championship Game would likely be enough for them to book their ticket into the playoffs. That said, there were those who felt that Baylor might jump ahead of them if they could do away with Kansas State, since the Bears were the only team to beat TCU in the regular season. Both teams did what they had to do, yet both ended up on the outside looking in.

How Will It All Play Out In The End

Alabama ended up taking the number one spot, winning the SEC Championship by totally destroying Missouri in a game that was over early. They will be taking on Ohio State, as they landed the number 4 spot with a dominating win over Wisconsin in the Big-10 Championship. Ohio State had been on the outside looking in all year, and many were surprised that they were given that fourth and final spot in the final week.The Oregon Ducks took the number 2 spot after totally destroying the Arizona Wildcats in the PAC-12 Championship Game. This was a big relief for the Ducks, as Arizona were the one team that has given them fits over the past couple of seasons. They will face Florida State, who were handed the number 3 spot. Once again, the Seminoles had to claw their way to victory after Georgia Tech threw everything at them in a thrilling ACC Championship Game.

Final Remarks

College fans who don’t have a dog in the fight are likely going to feel very happy about the 4 teams that ended up making it into the inaugural playoff series. The ones who will not be pleased are those from the Big-12, as they have to feel more than just a little snubbed. The question that has to be asked is how a team can go from number 3 to out of the playoffs despite winning their championship game in dominating fashion. The playoff committee has said all along that they would be reviewing everything, with each new week considered a fresh slate. That is not likely to offer any crumb of comfort to TCU or Baylor.