5 Toughest Stadiums To Visit In The NCAA Football Odds Scene

5 Toughest Stadiums To Visit In The NCAA Football Odds Scene

Written by on June 19, 2015

The deafening noise, the raucous crowds, the hostile fans, the brutal rivalries, the unfamiliar surroundings and the dauntingly humongous stadiums… Those are some of the key elements that make up for the toughest NCAA football stadiums in College Football betting history. Taking into account the recent developments across the league, here are the top five toughest college football stadiums for players and opposing teams to play in.

Reviewing the 5 Toughest Stadiums To Visit In The NCAA Football Odds Scene

1. LSU Tigers: Tiger Stadium

Nicknamed as the Death Valley, the Tiger Stadium lives up to its feared status with an intimidating size that can accommodate a whopping 100,338 fans. Making matters worse for visiting teams, the LSU fans are horrifyingly loud and when they often come to the stadium in large numbers. In 2014, the stadium attracted at least 100,338 fans to all its 7 home games, including 3 capacity crowds. Certainly not a place you’d want to visit, but if you really want to go there, better invest in some good earplugs.

2. Texas A&M Aggies: Kyle Field

Loaded with their annoying A&M War Hymn and voices loud fans that can easily make your eardrums explode, facing the Aggies at the Kyle Field ranks as the second worst road destination in the league. More notably, Kyle Field can host up to 102,500 people, making it the largest stadium in Texas as well as the SEC, while being the fourth-largest college football stadium in the nation.

3. Oregon Ducks: Autzen Stadium

With a streak of 101 consecutive sellouts (dating back to the 1999 season) in the 54,000-capacity Autzen stadium, you can always be assured that road games against the Oregon Ducks will be unwelcoming. As of 2014, the highest recorded decibel level was 127, which came against USC in 2007. The fact that it’s a relatively small stadium makes matters worse for visiting teams, as the noise from the fans is trapped and heightened, unlike big stadiums where you can occasionally be excused if you sit far from the noisy crowds.

4. Oklahoma Sooners: Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Ask any Big 12 fans and they’ll give you countless reasons why they hate visiting the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. For starters, the Oklahoma fans are full of themselves. Then there is coach Bob Stoops and his ability to rally up the crowd and his team, which often leads to wins by the Sooners, and in turn the fans get louder and crazier. With a $160 million set to take place in the stadium to expand it to a capacity of 84,000, be sure that the Memorial Stadium can only get louder and tougher to play in.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide: Bryant-Denny Stadium

Oh, well, if you’ve ever visited the Bryant-Denny Stadium, then you are probably aware about the tune of “Sweet Home Alabama” ringing in the air and the boisterous Alabama fans loud-mouthing and hurling all kinds of words against opponents. Already, it is bad enough that Coach Nick Saban is a great coach with a solid winning record. Add that to the expansion of the stadium’s capacity from 83,818 to 101,821 over the last 10 years, you have a near guarantee of losing games when you visit the ‘Bama stadium.
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