Auburn Must See NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

Auburn Must See NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

Written by on July 29, 2015

The Tigers have been among the most exciting programs in the SEC West and the world of college football betting, at large, over the recent past. This year, the Tigers will have an uphill task in their campaign for a berth in the second college football playoffs due to a tough schedule, as they will play Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi State, among other top-tier teams. With new QB Jeremy Johnson and new defensive coordinator Will Muschamp set to make their debut for the Tigers, this season holds a lot of new beginnings, which could prove pivotal for a new dawn in the Auburn fraternity. Ahead of the 2015 season, here are the top must-watch Auburn games.

An In Depth Analysis of the Tigers’ Must See NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

Auburn vs. Louisville, September 5

Pick: AuburnThese two programs last met back in 1974 and the Cardinals lost 16-3 to the Tigers. Since then, a lot has changed for both schools, but the winner could remain the same, probably with the exception of more scores. Both the Tigers and the Cardinals are well-coached and both have a 50-percentage chance of winning this game, but the Tigers have an upper hand because of having a more balanced unit. This will be the first game for the Tigers this year and a chance for Johnson to assert himself against a good team, so beginning with a win in his first year as a full-time starter will be very crucial. Not to mention, these programs will be rekindling their 41-year rivalry and we’ll get to see if Muschamp’s defense can matchup to Louisville’s defense that has a reputation of always being solid, hence making the game a worth-watching clash.

Auburn vs. LSU, September 19

Pick: AuburnA toughest game indeed for Auburn, who will be on the road and playing in Death Valley, one of the toughest grounds to grab a victory in college football history. Furthermore, Auburn’s QB Johnson will be leading a new-look attack, as they seek to build on last year’s stunning performance that saw them beat LSU by 34 points. Additionally, the Auburn defense had their most heroic effort of the season against LSU in that game, holding them to a lone first quarter TD, and with Muschamp in the fold, there is more hope for even another solid defensive showing. Of course, things could be different this year, as LSU’ RB Leonard Fournette is looking very good, hence stopping his mighty runs won’t be easy. Even so, the competing LSU quarterback pair of Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris are not in Johnson’s class, so the advantage should stay on Auburn’s side.

Auburn vs. Texas A&M, November 7

Pick: AuburnAmong the extremely difficult 2015 games Auburn will face to clinch their first trip to the college football playoff, the Texas A&M clash stands among the toughest ones. Even though the two programs do not have the fiercest of rivalries, Auburn trails Texas A&M 4-1 in All-time series, something the Tigers would want to change. Setting up the stage for this year’s clash, the game will be played at College Station, one of the most electrifying atmospheres in college football, meaning the Tigers will have a hard time to cope with road pressure, especially when the noisy host fans get into character. And to top it all off, Aggies QB Kyle Allen is one of the strongest arms in the nation. Predictably, this is likely to turn into shootout between Allen and Johnson, probably going all the way to the wire in the fourth quarter. An upset win is possible in favor of Texas A&M, but for now, we’ll take a narrow Auburn win.

Auburn vs. Georgia, November 14

Pick: GeorgiaWhen the two teams met in 2014, the Bulldogs tore apart the Tigers’ defense ravenously, something that Auburn will probably want to correct this season. The rivalry between these two Alabama Region schools backdates to 1892 when Auburn blew out the Bulldogs to a 10-0 shutout. In the recent past, though, the Bulldogs have absolutely dominated the Tigers, and with the SEC contention probably hanging in the balance when these two teams meet in November, a fierce showdown looks very likely. Going by the depth of both squads, the Bulldogs’ stellar rushing attack, fueled by 2015 Heisman Trophy favorite RB Nick Chubb, will make this game a living hell for the Tigers. It would, however, be tough to rule out an upset from the Tigers, especially with their defense probably playing better in 2015.

The Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama) November 28

Pick: AlabamaThe Iron Bowl usually provides an annual flow of the most classic and fascinating moments in college football betting, compounded with twists, drama and unpredictable action. So far, these two schools have met 79 times in the history of NCAAF, all of them providing full value entertainment, so this year’s clash will be no different. Of course, the 2015 game will feature many new faces on both sides, but the bad blood between the two Alabama Regional rivals should remain the same. Not to mention, this game will probably be one of the highest rated games of the season, as it is likely to determine who wins the SEC West division, and maybe even get a shot at the SEC Conference title and a berth for the National Championship. With such stakes on just one game, the Iron Bowl clash will most likely be the biggest game of the year in the SEC, and maybe even the entire college football.