Best Live Animal College Football Odds Team's Mascots

Best Live Animal College Football Odds Team’s Mascots

Written by on July 12, 2015

Most college football teams have mascots, but only a handful of teams have dared to go the bold way of having live football mascots, with the majority of them being dogs. As we look forward to the new season of NCAA Football betting, let’s take a look at some of the most beloved live mascots in NCAA Football.

7. Bevo, Texas

For a live mascot with really long horns, Bevo is a little too calm for my liking. But having the history of attending the presidential inauguration when George Bush was sworn in, I guess that’s good enough for him to make a cut on this list.

6. Chief Osceola, Florida State

As if being one of the most successful college football teams is not enough, the Seminoles have a Majestic Renegade in Chief Osceola. Launching the flaming spear in the midfield is usually fun to watch, though the all-rounded balanced color scheme of the horse and the rider is probably the best thing about this mascot.

5. Ralphie, Colorado

Ralphie is the true of definition of hideous and scary all wrapped up in one animal. I mean, if you ask his handlers, I am sure they’d admit to being scared of him. And did I mention that he is superfast, weighs over 1,000 pounds and packs some nasty sidekicks? Well, there is that too!

4. Uga, Georgia

If fame, cuteness, adorable attire and affection among fans count greatly, then Uga should be at the top of our rankings. Unfortunately, we are not big fans of the tradition of burying former Uga mascots within the confines of Sanford Stadium, which is sort-of weird, hence the slightly low ranking here.

3. Reveille, Texas A&M

Seriously, what is there not to like about Reveille? The elegant collie, who boasts of being the highest-ranking member of the Aggies’ Corps of Cadets, is totally cute with a touch of class in her royal-like attire.

2. Smokey, Tennessee

Usually adorned in an outfit akin to Tennessee’s checkerboard end-zone pain scheme, the cute Smokey boasts of having one of the best attires in the nation. Plus, this dog has some serious teeth that would scare anyone (or anything) daring to get into a fight with him.

1. Mike the Tiger, LSU

Far from cute, but comes with the advantages of looking scary and intimidating to opponents. Most interestingly, he usually sits outside the opponent’s locker room, which is guaranteed to scare opponents before the game.
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