Controversial NCAA Football Odds Bowls

Controversial NCAA Football Odds Bowls

Written by on January 1, 2015

Bowl games are the BCS’s games that are almost the same as a NFL pre-season game; but of course it’s a different pace from NFL betting predictions. The NCAA Bowls are the one opportunity for college football betting, as always football is full of excitement and adrenaline, we bring you the most controversial bowl in NCAAF.

Taking a Close Look at the Controversial NCAA Football Odds Bowls

2007 Orange Bowl

A lot of people questioned whether KU really deserved to be in the Orange Bowl and the Jayhawks came out and answered that. With that said, I don’t think it was a particularly well-played game. Kansas beat Virginia Tech at its own game.

2002 Rose Bowl

If you want to know the worst game ever, that would be the Rose Bowl in 2002 that received the lowest TV rating in history. Somehow, a technical issue led Washington State to match with Oklahoma. The game did not sell well enough and audiences did not even want to watch it on TV. The issue caused a huge leap that BCS immediately wrote a new regulation that enable conference affiliations and the bowls to give their members protection from poaching.

2009 Fiesta Bowl

2009 marked the Broncos controversial issue when it won the Fiesta Bowl but the public did not respect it somehow. The damage was serious because the BCS reputation was at stake. It showed that the game wasn’t really a fair shake at all.

1947 Black vs White Bowl

A controversy arose in 1947 because it was the very first time that an all-white team played against an all-black team. It was so monumental that the fans screamed out racist comments without any respect.

1974 Bowl –  Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry

A tie game only happened once in history which is in the year 1974. It generated storms when Ohio met Michigan and it marked a decade of war between both schools.So what are your betting lines?