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The Easiest 2015 NCAA Football Betting Schedules

Written by on July 14, 2015

As the excitement heading to the 2015 College Football betting season increases, so does the expectation surrounding players and teams. With the top squads getting ready to engage into bitter rivalries, we analyze some of the toughest and easiest college football divisions to help pick your winning College Fooball odds. With four divisions making up college football it’s hard to break down exactly how these seasons will start and end. We all know that a string of though games can easily destroy a winning season. Claiming road victories requires the willingness to shut out the noise of a hostile crowd cheering during a deep rivalry game. But on the opposite end, some teams have been favored with what many consider “easy schedules” that will open a chance for them to vie for a winning season. So let’s take a quick look at a few of the easiest schedules that are currently making up some of the division games as well as some of the divisions that make it extremely difficult to clutch a win.

Reviewing The Easiest 2015 NCAA Football Betting Schedules

TCU Horned Frogs (Schedule Level: Easy)

TCU had an incredible season last year, going 12-1 after a dismal showing in 2013. With the schedule that they have this year the football odds for this team are for another double digit winning season. Here is how their schedule shakes out, making it appear to be one of the more positive odd schedules that TCU has had to face.
  • Sept. 3 – @Minnesota
  • Sept. 12 – Stephen F. Austin
  • Sept. 19 – SMU
  • Sept. 26 – @Texas Tech
  • Oct. 3 – Texas
  • Oct. 10 – @Kansas State
  • Oct. 17 – @Iowa State
  • Oct. 29 – West Virginia
  • Nov. 7 – @Oklahoma State
  • Nov. 14 – Kansas
  • Nov. 21 – @Oklahoma
  • Nov. 27 – Baylor

Kansas State Wildcats (Schedule Level: Easy)

The Wildcats have been known for the last few years for having a light schedule. So it’s no surprise that this year they have another easy division that seems to get less stressful as it progresses. While September seems to be a tough schedule for this team, by the time October rolls around Kansas State should be able to start notching some easy wins.
  • Sept. 5 – South Dakota
  • Sept. 12 – @UTSA
  • Sept. 19 – Louisiana Tech
  • Oct. 3 – @Oklahoma State
  • Oct. 10 – TCU
  • Oct. 17 –Oklahoma
  • Oct. 24 – @Texas
  • Nov. 5 – Baylor
  • Nov. 14 – @Texas Tech
  • Nov. 21 – Iowa State
  • Nov. 28 – @Kansas
  • Dec. 5 – West Virginia

Duke Blue Devils (Schedule Level: Easy)

This year’s schedule puts Duke seems as one of the top candidates for a successful run in the ACC Conference. While not all of the games are going to be an automatic win, most of the schedule for Duke was designed so that they can bounce back from last year’s disappointing season.
  • Sept. 3 – @Tulane
  • Sept. 12 – North Carolina Central
  • Sept. 19 – Northwestern
  • Sept. 26 – Georgia Tech
  • Oct. 3 – Boston College
  • Oct. 10 – @Army
  • Oct. 24 – @Virginia Tech
  • Oct. 31 – Miami
  • Nov. 7 – North Carolina
  • Nov. 14 – Pittsburgh
  • Nov. 21 – @Virginia
  • Nov. 28 – @Wake Forest