NCAA Football Betting Fans To Benefit from These 2015 Schedules

NCAA Football Benefit from These Easy 2015 Schedules

Written by on May 25, 2015

Sound Off! It is about time we forget the talks about the NFL Draft and turn our attention to discussing the likely College Football Odds benefactors of teams with the easiest 2015 college football schedules. Here we go…!

Let’s Review How NCAA Football Betting Fans Can Benefit from These Easy 2015 Schedules


• Combined 2014 record of its opponents: 75-76• Combined 2014 record of its road opponents: 32-31Though Baylor will be facing seven opponents who went bowling in 2014, four of those opponents will be playing the Bears at home, a place that has been a fortress for the joint Big 12 winners from 2014. For the three road tests against last year’s bowlers (TCU, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State), TCU is the toughest of them all, as Oklahoma and Kansas State are in the process of rebuilding their programs. And even in the case of meeting the Horned Frogs on the road, the Bears should be able to feature strongly (if not win the game) after they surprisingly stunned TCU in a dramatic showdown last year.With such a soft and favorable slate of games, the talent-laden Bears could easily go unbeaten or finish with a 12-1 record for a Top-4 finish in the nation.


• Combined 2014 record of its opponents: 75-77• Combined 2014 record of its road opponents: 24-31Though the Wildcats will be playing everyone in the Big 12, the only “tough road opponent” they will be playing is Oklahoma State that finished 7-6 in 2014. In addition, 5 of the 7 bowl opponents that Kansas State will be facing in 2015 (including TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma and West Virginia) will meet the Wildcats at home. Meanwhile, out of the conference, the Wildcats will be going favorable opponents in UTSA, South Dakota and Louisiana Tech. Therefore, although Coach Bill Snyder’s team will be missing crucial pieces like QB Jake Waters and WR Tyler Lockett, the easy schedule is likely to favor their rebuilding agenda.


• Combined 2014 record of its opponents: 74-79Replacing RB Melvin Gordon will be pretty hard. Beating Alabama in their first game of 2015 will probably be even harder. But are the Badgers done for competition in 2015? I would give a resounding “No” to answer that question. For starters, the Badgers rank at No. 95 out of the 128 teams in NCAAF’s 2015 strength of schedule. Bearing in mind the Badgers are 60-21 since 2009, including 4 seasons with double-digit wins and an 11-3 campaign in 2014, their schedule undoubtedly gives them a splendid chance to boss their way in this year’s games for another solid season. This should be particularly encouraged by the fact that the Badgers dodge the bullet in the Big 10, not having to face Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State. The games you’d consider challenging for Wisconsin come against Nebraska and Minnesota, which should both be winnable, going by the manner they captured the Big Ten West Division convincingly before going on to beat Auburn in the Capital One Bowl. Even more importantly, Wisconsin has a new coach in Paul Chryst, a visionary leader who is prospected to have a big first year, according to ESPN’s Brian Bennett. Another double-digit win season should thus be in the offing for the Badgers in the 2015-2016 season.


• Combined 2014 record of its opponents: 69-82• Combined 2014 record of its road opponents: 27-46If there’s ever a season for Duke to shine in football, it is in the upcoming season. Preliminarily, 5 of Duke’s 6 opponents who went bowling in 2015 will be facing the Blue Devils at home. In addition, the Blue Devils won’t be facing ACC’s big heavyweights like Florida State, Louisville and Clemson. On top of that, their 4 non-conference matchups come against Tulane, Northwestern, North Carolina Central and Army, which should all be very winnable, considering the Blue Devils are 11-1 in nonconference games over the past 3 seasons. With Georgia Tech and Boston College being the only “scary” teams on their schedule, the Blue Devils will only have themselves to blame if they can’t rack up 8-plus wins in 2015.