NCAA Football Odds Fans Tell Us Their Dream Football Scenarios

NCAA Football Odds Fans Tell Us Their Dream Football Scenarios

Written by on June 27, 2015

Ask a College football betting fans their dream scenario for the playoffs this coming season, and most will respond that any one involving their chosen team will suffice. That’s fair enough, but what about the unbiased college football fans, or those that know their team has no shot at making the final 4? What would their dream scenario look like?

Here’s What NCAA Football Odds Fans Tell Us Their Dream Football Scenarios

There is a better than average chance that at least one SEC team is going to be in the playoff mix, but which on would fit a dream scenario. It would certainly be nice to see someone other than Alabama make the trip, so what about the Georgia Bulldogs? They have a spectacular running game led by Nick Chubb, and with the QB spot still up in the air, chances are they are going to be running the rock down people’s throats. If they were to make it in, it would be fun to see their ground and pound game go against the air attack of TCU. I for one would love to see the Horned Frogs get in this year, as I feel that they were unfairly left out last season. In reality, any scenario that involves TCU would be nice, as it might mean a healthy dose of karma getting ready to be dealt. Just imagine of they had to face Ohio State, the team that forced them out last year, at any point of the playoffs. Now that would be a game we could all get behind.

Let’s Talk About Michigan and Some Dream Scenarios

The team that is likely to be the most watched this season is Michigan, as people will be anxious to see just how long it takes Jim Harbaugh to wake up this sleeping giant. A Michigan, Michigan State match-up would be a good one, but personally, I’d like to see them go against Notre Dame. It’s a pretty unlikely scenario for this coming season, but this piece is all about dreaming, right? Harbaugh squaring off against Nick Saban or Urban Meyer would also be a ton of fun to watch, as these guys are arguably the best minds in the college game right now. Let’s be honest, it would also be great to see Alabama and Ohio State head back to the Championship Game for a re-match, just like the big prize fighters do. No matter how it all plays out this coming season, I think we can all agree that the playoffs have helped make the college game even more exciting to watch than ever before. So tell us, what would your dream playoff scenario be for the 2015 college football season?  
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