Will Winston's Hearing Impact FSU's NCAA Football Odds?

Will Winston’s Disciplinary Hearing Impact FSU’s Football Odds?

Written by on October 12, 2014

The No.1 Florida State Seminoles celebrated another victory on Week 7 of the college football season. The 38-20 road win over Syracuse on last Saturday extended their winning streak to 22-games and cemented the 6-0 Seminoles as the top program in the nation. FSU has been a college football betting favorite on each of the seven games they’ve played this season and continues as the number one pick to get to the Championship game, but while they continue focused on their winning plan, off the field, a series of allegations and accusations are hitting the team, specially one key player: Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston.

Breaking Down if Jameis Winston’s Disciplinary Hearing Impact FSU’s NCAA Football Odds?

Multiple reports came to light on Friday indicating that Winston is facing a disciplinary hearing as a result of an accusation for sexual assault filed in December 2012. The QB will be required to attend the hearing to determine if he broke any code of conduct regulations at the university. The hearing, which will be conducted by a neutral third party, will focus on his alleged involvement in the case. According to several reports, the accuser informed campus police of the incident the same night it happened and filed an official accusation a month later.

Police said the accuser “broke off contact” in February 2013 and refused to go over with the case. However, the investigation was reopened in August 2014 after school officials spoke to Winston’s accuser. Winston was not charged criminally, but the Title IX investigation is required by law even if criminal charges are dropped or not filed.

Winston was informed of the hearing notice in a letter Friday, and he could be charged with any one of four potential violations of the code of conduct. But the problem didn’t end there. A report from Fox Sports Kevin Vaughan released on Friday claimed that both the Tallahassee police and Florida State officials tried to hamper the investigation and cover of the allegations against Winston. Another report also states that the family of Winston’s alleged victim said that a detective approached and warned her attorney that Tallahassee is a “big football town” and that shoe could go through a living hell if she pursued the case.

Not Only Winston Is Guilty Here

Another piece by New York Times’ Mike McIntire and Walt Bogdanich claims that Winston’s case is just one in numerous other complaints and that Tallahassee police had consistently and systematically protected members of the Florida State football team. The list of criminal matters that involve FSU players range from domestic violence to disorderly behavior. According to the report, McIntire and Bogdanich examined nine criminal cases involving FSU players and determined that police “soft-pedaled” allegations of criminal conduct.

The report mentions several BB gun incidents that involved Florida State players. There were injured bystanders, shattered windows and thousands of dollars in damages. Last year an incident involving a “BB street war” even required the Tallahassee Police Department to use a chopper to search for suspects. Some of the players involved in these incidents were charged misdemeanor for criminal mischief, but didn’t receive any sanctions or punishments from the school nor the team.

Backup wide receiver and punt returner Jesus Wilson was charged earlier this year with operating a stolen motor scooter. He claimed he had borrowed the scooter from a fellow student, but wasn’t what the owner had to say about it. The Times said that Tallahasse PD even filed an internal affairs inquiry to investigate allegations that a the victim might even have been asked to drop charges. Wilson was charged after admitting he’d taken the scooter with the keys in the ignition and served 30 days on a sheriff’s work detail. He paid $1,000 restitution to the owner and was reinstated to the team.

Not Only FSU is in deep waters

While much of the information released Friday isn’t good for Florida State or Winston, FSU is not the only school currently under federal scrutiny for their handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints. University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris was briefly suspended after being accused of sexually assaulting a female student early Sunday morning in a campus residence hall. The sexual battery complaint was dropped by his accuser, and the university informed that they were not proceeding with any actions against Harris.

Kentucky Wildcats’ freshman defensive end Lloyd Tubman was arrested last week by University of Kentucky police on a first-degree rape charges. Tubman was held on $10,000 bond in the Lexington-Fayette County jail and was set to appear in district court for arraignment.

Despite the allegations, hearings and possible consequences, Winston continues to play for the Seminoles and said he expects to play in next Saturday’s game against unbeaten Notre Dame. However, Winston, who received a one-game suspension for yelling a sexually explicit remark near the school’s student union, could be charged by his university for a code-of-conduct violation for sexual misconduct, depending upon the results of the school’s investigation. We don’t know the curse the case is going to take, what we know for sure is that losing Winston would cause great impact for the Seminoles and will likely decrease its chances and football betting odds to win the championship game.

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