10 CFB Teams with Longest NCAA Football Betting Title Droughts

10 CFB Teams with Longest NCAA Football Betting Title Droughts

Written by on May 27, 2015

In the history of College Football Odds, only 46 of the current 128 teams in the FBS have tasted the pride and success that comes with winning the National Championship. However, more than a quarter of those winners have endured major droughts, going as many as 50-plus years without winning the coveted national trophy. In the section below, we look at the CFB programs that have the longest National Championship droughts.

Analyzing the 10 CFB Teams with Longest NCAA Football Betting Title Droughts

1. Illinois Fighting Illini, Last Title 1927, 88 Years

Starting us off is the Illini, who own the longest drought in CFB. 1927 is the year they were last voted as the National Champions after going 7-0-1, led by the venerated Red Grange. As a crucial note, all the National Championship Titles from 1919-1977 were handed out to teams through voting since there we no Championship games back then.

2. SMU Mustangs, Last Title: 1935, 80 Years

Since staking a claim in the National Championship in 1935, a year that also saw SMU, Princeton and TCU get one vote each; the Mustangs haven’t won any title. In the 1980s, they were quite good, but couldn’t just make the final cut.

3. California Golden Bears, Last Title: 1937, 78 Years

Back in the 1920s and 1930s, the Bears were a Golden football team. Sadly, the Bears have been perennial non-contenders over the recent times, and from the look of things, that trend won’t be changing anytime soon.

4. TCU Horned Frogs, Last Title: 1938, 77 Years

The 2015 Horned Frogs, led by their versatile quarterback Trevone Boykin, are among the top contenders in the 2015-2016 college football playoff odds, but you have to go back to 1938 to find the last time TCU had a legitimate title claim.

5. Army Black Knights, Last Title: 1946, Drought 69 Years

In spite of having three National Championship titles to their name and being a force to reckon with back in the day, the Black Knights went 9-0-1 and received 6 votes to win the national title in 1946.

6. Kentucky Wildcats, Last Title: 1950, Drought 65 Years

Kentucky has been out of the National Championship arena since Quarterback Babe Parilli and 37-year-old coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant led the Wildcats to an 11-1 record, an SEC co-championship in 1950 and a National Championship in 1950.

7. Maryland Terrapins, Last Title: 1953, Drought 63 Years

In 1953, Notre Dame got more votes after going 9-0-1, but they couldn’t better the Terrapins who went 10-0, which earned them their first and only consensus National Championship title.

8. UCLA Bruins, Last Title: 1954, Drought 62 Years

Thanks to a good coaching and recruiting system, the Bruins are a fun team now. That, however, is a recent development, with the Bruins coming off a long spell of being in the shadows of success in college football, with their last national title coming in 1954 when 9-0.

9. Syracuse Orangemen, Last Title: 1954, 56 Drought Years

It turns out that the Orangemen were once a football powerhouse back then. However, the team has regressed in a big way and has failed to find the spark that saw them go 11-0 in 159 to win the National Championship in 1959.

10. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota? National Champions? Yes, it did happen in 1960 after they went 8-2 to get the votes that mattered over Ole Miss.
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