LSU's Must-see NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

LSU’s Must-see NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

Written by on July 29, 2015

The LSU Tigers had one of their most disappointing seasons last year under head coach Les Miles, who replicated his 2008 worst season with the school as the head coach going 8-5 (4-4 SEC). This was the first time in four years that the Tigers failed to win at least 10 games. 2015 will hence be a chance for the Tigers’ College Football betting lines to get back to relevancy in the SEC West.  As the Tigers attempt to claw their way back to the top of SEC West and possibly the conference, here are some of their must-watch games in 2015.

Let’s Review LSU’s Must-see NCAA Football Odds Games for 2015

LSU vs. Auburn, September 19

Pick: Auburn Auburn embarrassed LSU last season, posting a resounding 41-7 win over the Tigers, something the Tigers will be looking to avenge this season. QB Anthony Jennings started that game with a superb play that LSU’s defensive line could not match. With the arrival of defensive coordinator, Kevin Steele and defensive line guru Ed Orgeron in LSU, the Tigers can be hopeful of playing better defense and limiting the defensive blunders that made Auburn destroy them in 2014. Meanwhile, Auburn will also be enjoying the services of a new defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, which will set up an interesting and entertaining duel, as both teams fight to exploit their strengths of their new defensive approaches.

LSU vs. Arkansas, November 14

Pick: LSU Arkansas will be coming into this game with many hopes of a road upset, as they seek to build on their strong SEC play towards the end of last season. Even though the Razorbacks face some lapses in their passing game and defense, they should be able to establish a steady pace of play with a powerful running game, something that could cause LSU problems if they lose the battle in the trenches. Undeniably, this will be the one of toughest schedule for LSU, who previously lost to Arkansas 17-0, but with the solid offseason moves they’ve made, a revenge win should be possible for LSU.

LSU vs. Alabama, November 7

Pick: Alabama This clash will be one of the most anticipated games in the SEC West, with football fans from both schools expected to be in an incredible mood for the game. The Tigers have been amongst the best defensive teams in the country in the recent past, but they’ve lacked a quality QB under center, a case that is evident again in 2015. In order to beat the Crimson Tide, whoever wins the QB job between Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris will need to be on their best of games. Fortunately, the QB play in Alabama is also not as good as it was last year, hence an upset by LSU would be possible.

LSU vs. Mississippi State, September 12

Pick: Mississippi State In this game, LSU will be looking for redemption against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, who outscored the Tigers 34-29 in last year’s clash. Mississippi State has one of the top QB in the SEC in Dak Prescott, and it will be difficult for the Tigers’ defense (which has lost several key players) to restrain him in this game. However, if LSU’s offense can raise its game, it could give derail Mississippi State’s chances of winning the game. Like last year’s affair, a close contest can be expected in 2015, packed with lots of mouth-watering football matchups between the coaches and players, making it a must-watch game in 2015.

LSU vs. Florida, October 17

Jim McElwain, the new Florida head coach, will be coming to Tiger Stadium for the first time since losing there as Alabama’s offensive coordinator in 2011. This game will thus be a chance for McElwain to send a strong statement against LSU. More importantly, this will be a matchup between two SEC rivals, who can always put on a good show, and both teams have a lot to prove heading into 2015, making up for an interesting clash.
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