Ohio State NCAA Football Betting Season Predictions

Ohio State NCAA Football Betting 2015 Season Predictions

Written by on August 11, 2015

After a Championship-winning 2014 season and strong offseason recruitment, the Ohio State Buckeyes were recently ranked as the best college football odds team in the 2015 preseason AP Poll. Of course, that was expected as Buckeyes had a successful season going 14-1 in 2014, managing a No. 4 seed playoff position. And enroute to their triumph, they beat Alabama and Oregon to claim their eighth championship in the NCAAF betting history. The current ranking makes it the third time in a row that the Bucks have been named in the AP Polls. The Buckeyes gathered 97 percent of the total number top-spot votes, collecting 62 votes, followed a distant second and third by TCU and Alabama, respectively.

Taking A Closer Look At Ohio State’s NCAA Football Betting 2015 Season Predictions

The season 2015 is here and every team is preparing to challenge for the championship. Everyone knows that the hardest season for a team is possibly the season they come in as the defending champions. Every team will be looking to ensure they put measures necessary to stop the Buckeyes. Teams such as TCU and Alabama will be out to get the scalps of the Buckeyes. Will the Bucks falter or succeed under pressure in the 2015 season

How The NFL Draft Will Affect Ohio State

The drafting is one of the best times for the teams in the NFL, to improve their depth, but on the other hand, it is the worst time for the NCAAF teams as they lose their key players. This coming season, the Buckeyes will be without Devin Smith (Jets), Jeff Heuerman (Broncos), Doran Grant (Steelers), Michael Bennett (Jaguars) and Evan Spencer (Redskins). Smith finished his college career with 121 receptions for 2,503 yards and 30 touchdowns, a CFB National Champion’s medal (2015) and Honorable Mention in the All-Big-Ten (2014). But even with the losses, the Bucks return with a very strong team, one that is deep enough on both sides of the ball, which should see them play decently in 2015

Ohio State’s 2015 Season Outlook

The Buckeyes will begin their season against the Virginia Tech, a game that everyone is waiting for since the Hokies were the only team that managed to beat the Buckeyes in 2014. In a match expected to be a duel of vengeance; the Buckeyes will be going for a win, trying to stop the Hokies from having a double over them. As of July 9th 2015, the annual season finale rivalry game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines had already sold out. The fans are hugely looking out for how the season will turn out for them, but the big question is; how prepared are they for the season? With the exit of some senior players, there are a number of players who are expected to breakout this coming season. Cornerback Marshon Lattimore will be returning as a sophomore. He had a 4-star rating and ranked 51st-best prospect on Scout.com’s Top 300. With his injury rehabilitation period over, he will be looking to fill the defensive spot left by Doran Grant. The best thing is that competition for this spot is tight as Gareon Conley and Damon Webb are also good for it. The other player expected to shine is the wide receiver Noah Brown, also coming in for his sophomore year. Having spent time growing under the likes of Devin Smith and Evan Spencer, he looks ready to fill either spot. He has the ability to model his game and become either a speedy deep threat or a possession receiver. The Buckeyes also have a number of freshmen that are full of quality. Among them is Sam Hubbard, a 5-star recruit expected to impact the team immediately. The departure of Rashad Frazier and Steve Miller creates room for Hubbard to excel.

My Expert Ohio State Buckeyes 2015 Predictions

The Buckeyes have done well to replace the players they lost to the NFL, something that has contributed to their number one spot in the ranking. Plus, the team still has Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett for strong quarterback play and the versatile Braxton Miller in the offense. With such a squad, it will be very hard to beat them in the coming season. Teams will really need to up their games if they want to stop the Buckeyes, who look good enough to go unbeaten en route to a successive National Championship title.
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