A NCAA Football Odds Report on Vernon Adams in Oregon

A NCAA Football Odds Report on Vernon Adams in Oregon

Written by on September 10, 2015

Vernon Adams and College Football betting fans knew that he would have a difficult opening to his season, as the team he transferred from – Eastern Washington – would be playing his new team – the Oregon Ducks. The opener became really difficult when an Eastern Washington linebacker nailed Adams with a late hit, injuring Adams and knocking him out of the game and earning himself an ejection. However, he turned out to be fine and will play in Week 2 against Michigan State. But taking a longer view of Adams’ career, how do people expect him to do?

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If you look at the offense that Oregon runs, the perennial success seems to mean that it doesn’t really matter who plays quarterback. As long as the guy has an arm, the Ducks will move the ball up and down the field. Success seems like a given at this point in the Ducks’ progression. After all, if Darron Thomas, Jeremiah Masoli and Dennis Dixon could make the Ducks’ offense look magnificent even though their own skill sets weren’t that great, surely Vernon Adams can do the same. However, people who make that assumption didn’t watch every tilt that the Ducks had last year. In the middle of the season, a lot of the games were ugly, and Mariota would bail the team out with his ability to take a win from the jaws of defeat. So there are several different ways this could turn out for Adams. The first is a nightmare. After all, he will have to play at a very high level just to be seen as passable. A lot of these graduate student transfers (Russell Wilson from N.C. State to Wisconsin is another example) make college football seem like it has its own free-agent season, but a lot of the times these one-season moves just don’t work. Even when everyone has amazing talent, it can be hard to join a new team with a new offense and have everything work the right way. If Adams has some early setbacks, he could see the bench. Even if he doesn’t ride the pine and the Ducks go 8-5 or 9-4, that will be a big setback.

Adams Should Be Cautious for Injuries

Injury could also derail Adams’ season. It almost did in Week 1. The media guide lists Adams at 6’, 200 pounds, but he is really more like 5’10” and 190. Major college football isn’t the grist mill that the NFL is yet, but the reason why coaches want size is that the college game is getting harder and harder to survive physically. Even Mariota found himself fighting injuries through most of last season. Adams is coming back from a broken foot that cost him four games last season. Adams could be all right, and the team could go 10-3. They’ll score a lot, and the Oregon football-as-track meet tradition will continue. They could lose at Michigan State and drop another Pac-12 contest, before losing again on New Year’s Day and finishing maybe at #9 in the final polls. This wouldn’t be awful, but it wouldn’t be a victory. This is what happens to teams that lose a quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy. The final possibility is a dream season. The Ducks could sweep the season win it all, and knock off Alabama in the national championship game next year. That’s the great thing about the early moments of each new college football season: all things are possible.
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