NCAAF Betting Predictions of Which Teams Will or Won't Make the 2021 Playoffs

NCAAF Betting Predictions of Which Teams Will or Won’t Make the 2021 Playoffs

Even though we’re only three weeks into the college football season, it’s never too soon to start talking about the College Football Playoffs. Although there has been talk of expanding the playoffs, only four teams will make it this season. We’re going to take a look at some teams we think will make the final four and the ones that will be on the outside looking in so you can plan your bets against the College Football Playoffs Odds.

Why these teams will or won’t make the college football playoffs?

The Final Four

  • Alabama Crimson Tide

After dominating Miami and blasting Mercer, the Crimson Tide looks like the best team in the nation. Although Alabama heads to Florida this week and still has trips to Texas A&M and Auburn, we just don’t see anyone beating them. If they do lose, it won’t be until the SEC title game.

  • Georgia Bulldogs

Speaking of the SEC Championship game, this would be the only time this season that Georgia would meet Alabama unless they met in the playoffs, which is very possible. Georgia’s defense looked unbeatable in their game against Clemson. They have a very winnable SEC schedule and should have a spot ready for them in the SEC Championship game. 

  • Oklahoma Sooners

After struggling to beat Tulane in their opener, the Sooners came to play against Western Carolina. The Sooners have the best offense in the Big 12, and we don’t know if there’s anyone in the conference that can stop it. If they make it through the Big 12 undefeated, there should be a spot for them in the playoffs.

  • Clemson Tigers

This one is a tough one. They already have one loss, albeit it was to Georgia, but their schedule won’t do them any favors. They have a very easy ACC schedule that doesn’t have them playing Miami or North Carolina. This could be a deciding factor on whether or not Clemson makes it to the playoffs, but their talent alone will get them there.

Outside Looking In

  • Pac 12 Champion

Whether it be Oregon or UCLA, we’re predicting that the Pac 12 champion won’t make the playoffs. We don’t see anyone going undefeated in the conference, and that one loss will eliminate them from contention. If someone goes undefeated, then we may have an issue…

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish

We just don’t see the Fighting Irish making it through the season undefeated. They still have dates with Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and USC. They’ll slip up somewhere, and they just don’t have the talent to get them into the field this season.

  • Cincinnati Bearcats

Even if the Bearcats beat Notre Dame and go undefeated, we don’t think that the committee will put them into the playoffs. Their AAC schedule is just too easy, and the playoff committee won’t want to start letting non-Power 5 schools into the playoffs.

  • Ohio State Buckeyes

Even if the Buckeyes run the table in the Big 10, and that’s a big if, the loss to Oregon really hurts them. They’re hoping that Oregon can run the table the rest of the way and that there are some upsets in the SEC. If that doesn’t happen, we just don’t see the committee bringing Ohio State back into the fold. 

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