Sep 16 NCAA Football Betting Rumors Of The Week

Sep 16 NCAA Football Betting Rumors Of The Week

Written by on September 16, 2015

Here’s Our Recap Of The Sep 16 NCAA Football Betting Rumors Of The Week

Steve Patterson is Done With the Longhorns

One of the most shocking announcements so far in the young 2015 College Football Odds season came from Austin, Texas, as the Longhorns fired athletic director Steve Patterson only 22 months into his tenure. The Longhorns still owe Patterson a whopping $5.6 million on his contract. One reason had to with the abrasive way that Patterson was dealing with Longhorns boosters. Patterson’s predecessor, Deloss Dodds, had developed a masterful way of handling his biggest donors, but Patterson seemed to have a tin ear. When a plane towed a banner reading “PATTERSON MUST GO” over the Longhorns’ game against Rice this past weekend, things didn’t look good…but few people thought the Horns would eat that much of the contract.Talks are underway to negotiate that $5.6 million down with a buyout, but that remains to be seen. There is likely to be a major push for the school to hire legendary Longhorns coach Mack Brown to take Patterson’s place, according to Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman. Brown did meet recently with Gregory L. Fenves, the president of the University of Texas. Mike Perrin, a former UT linebacker, is reported to be in line as interim athletic director.

Could Charlie Strong’s Tenure Be In Danger

This will put head football coach Charlie Strong on the hot seat. Part of Patterson’s unpopularity also had to do with the poor showing that the Longhorns had brought to the field so far under Strong. The 31-3 shellacking that Texas took on national television against Notre Dame had to resonate with fans. A new athletic director could want to bring in his own coach, rather than letting Strong finish a full recruiting cycle of four to five seasons. While Brown is a popular name, running athletics for a major university is far different from running a football team. The university knows this, so hiring Brown is far-fetched at best.

Rubio’s Lesson For The Week, Don’t Mess With FSU

The GOP race has brought the Florida universities into the public eye. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who attended both Miami and the University of Florida, appeared on an Iowa radio show. In addition to his comments about the presidential race, Rubio also said, “I don’t have anything against Florida State. I think there has to be a school where people that can’t get into Florida can go to college. And that’s why we have Florida State.”This has enraged many of Rubio’s former supporters who also have ties to Florida State. This includes John Thrasher, president of Florida State, who has supported Rubio’s past campaigns. In his statement, Thrasher said of Rubio, “He’s a nice kid. I’m sure he’s frustrated by his low standing in the polls, which I believe could be a reflective of where he got his education.”As people do these days, Rubio went to Twitter to continue his onslaught against Florida State. So it just goes to show that there are hijinks going on in the Republican arena, even when you aren’t listening to Donald Trump. No matter which side of the aisle you vote for, it’s always amusing to see sports rivalries intersect with the real world.